Life is Never Fair


Its 8:46 pm. August 16, 2017. I’m crying in front of my laptop. I don’t know why. There’s no reason. Yet here I am crying. I’ve thought about my day. What hurt me? Nothing. It was a wonderful day; the kids met their teachers, I fixed spaghetti that my son actually enjoyed. My princess is sleeping soundly in her own bed. Yet again, here I am, crying. After about ten minutes I… Read More

Inspiration Sunday: Life’s Obstacles

Inspiration Sunday

Mommy Moments: A Life Changing Epiphany

β€œKindle the Mind, Strengthen the Heart, and Reminisce the Time of Encouragement” – K.S.

A New Event. Parenting 101. Overcoming an Obstacle.

A glorious quote about writing.

Bubba’s sudden hospital visit

Country living, Visually Bliss, Camp NaNoWriMo, WIP Shorts and K.S. Let’s not forget about K.S.

Writing, Visually Bliss, and Family–all in the hot season of Summer!

Another day with K.S.