Life is Never Fair


Every night I think about my day. I think about what I’ve accomplished. What I failed. And in the morning, those same thoughts greet me, reminding me. I’m not a failure. I’m learning.

My boyfriendΒ and I have our ups and downs like any couple. We’ve been together going on six years in October. This piece was written two years ago. Reading it brought back bittersweet memories. We have grown tremendously since 2015. The distance between us has grown. This future we try so desperately to build is nothing but a scam created by our futile imagination at the height of our relationship. We’re grasping for… Read More

We are entwined like the mechanism of a fine antique clock. We walk 🚢 similar paths, chasing similar dreams. We are anchored βš“ through faith, destined to comfort each other through our lightest and darkest of times. We are soul friends and we are meant to be together. It is a love ❀ deep as the oceans, yet calm like the waves. Strong as iron, yet flexible as bamboo 🌿 Time has… Read More

Days when life cast upon me as if I’m a coast, feels unreal and mystic. Almost like I’m a stranded island and no one has yet to discover me. Empty and withdrawn. Not sure what direction I’m heading or even if it’s the best one for me. Life is mysterious. Adventurous and dangerous. If anything; Life is the island, and I’m stranded on it. With nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Surrounded… Read More