Life is Never Fair


There was a time when my heart melted. My legs buckled. My chest pounded. Your gaze weakened me Your touch dominated me It was a new type of pleasure. I never knew existed. And you shared it with me, sucked me in.   There was a time when the cold of sorrow froze me. Numbed me. Your gaze stoned me Your touch crumbled me It was a new type of torture. I… Read More

​In dream my questions are answered  My worries are our alive.  Life is painted in vivid illumination- surrounded by the pitch of night.  Cold hands caress me instance after entrance into a drowning silence of darkness my body floats  My mind bend free.  I closed my eyes.  The tumbler of my conscious unlocks and the restraint unbolts.  Limb and vulnerable  Exposed, yet shielded Here in the pitch of night is where I… Read More