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Visually Bliss: Perspective from a 4 Year Old

Visually Bliss: Oklahoma Train Tracks

Country living, Visually Bliss, Camp NaNoWriMo, WIP Shorts and K.S. Let’s not forget about K.S.

Today I strolled with my dad downtown.  We reminisced about my younger days and he expressed how much he wants our family to be tighter. His kool-aid grin made me elated.  I haven’t seen my dad this refreshed in a while.  I saw my dad for what he has grown to be and it broke my heart that I didn’t see it before. The bodyguard and hustler that protected and provided for me is… Read More

Location: Oklahoma City,  Myriad Botanical Garden Date Taken: August 2, 2015 Photographer: Samara Norton Lens: Lumia Refocus

For the past week or so I have been laying in bed desperately grasping for air. No joke. My daughter got a little cold which she then transferred the kiss of death to her lovely mother. The reason I call it the kiss of death because unlike my lovely daughter who got over her cold within days, I struggled for over a week. The cold itself wasn’t the issue. If you have… Read More

A good ol’ thunderstorm just knocked out my electricity. Thank you #Oklahoma. It literally struck the pole right behind my house in a big flash. It’s kind of funny, because me and Jackson were just talking about how our house and several others would be screwed if something were to happen to it. Now, look what happened. When the lightning struck, a loud boom followed behind it that woke up Leah, whom… Read More

It’s Easter Sunday and yet again Oklahoma flipped on its ass and produced cold, chilly, rainy weather. Normally I wouldn’t complain but this is the third or fourth year in a row that this unexpected weather occurred. Yesterday was beautiful. Sunny a nice cool breeze. Today we have a gray clouded sky, mushy soaked ground, and a chilling breeze that burrow into your bones. It’s Easter. I need some beautiful weather. Some… Read More

Proudly, I can say my allergies are being tamed by the abundance of medication I have to take. Hate that I have to take so many but happy that I can enjoy the outdoors. The weather is really gorgeous where I am, I hope it is where you are too. Although, Oklahoma weather is always on its menstrual cycle. One minute it’s nice and sunny and hot and then the next it’s freezing rain. Eh,… Read More