Life is Never Fair


There was a time when my heart melted. My legs buckled. My chest pounded. Your gaze weakened me Your touch dominated me It was a new type of pleasure. I never knew existed. And you shared it with me, sucked me in.   There was a time when the cold of sorrow froze me. Numbed me. Your gaze stoned me Your touch crumbled me It was a new type of torture. I… Read More

​Bubba is so awesome. I’m so proud and honored to be his mother. Compared to most children his age,  he is considered behind— socially,  that is. But when you a hold conversation to his interest and I’m not talking about just video games, I’m sure the surprise feeling of astonishment will wash over you as does it me each discussion. His love for science out reaches any hobby or interest I have… Read More

Love goes beyond the words I love you. Beyond the intimate embrace. Love is life entwined through sacrifices and trails of understanding.

It’s hard to say what exactly isn’t going to work versus what is, especially when it comes to relationships. However, today I’m posting from my heart about a certain relationship situation based solely off experience and observation. For the new visitors and the faithful ones, I want to take this time to thank you for stopping by. A little about myself: My name is Samara Norton but I go by Sam or… Read More

Title: Endowed Location: Neighbor’s Yard Date Taken: May 4, 2015 Photographer: K.S. Norton Lens: Nokia Lumia Refocus I wrote this right after my last post but needed to tweak a few things here and there. The day before Mother’s Day, after work, I swear I was hit by some kind of moody bug. I put on my hoodie, sat in front of computer and refused to communicate with anyone beside those virtually. I’m not sure… Read More

In my dreams you had the power to take my heart with one glimpse. A superhero who did everything in his power to see those around him pleased and safe. And I was your partner, supportive and strong. When the enemy took you down I stumble shakily and took them down. And after the battle. The winnings in our favor, I held you in my arms. You cried bloody tears with the… Read More

Her words choked in her throat, making every syllable stagger. After the second attempt she reached for the quarter filled glass of water in front of her and sipped. She felt his steel eyes glaring, probably wondering why he was brought here. She exhaled. This took more than she thought but she had to tell him. Things were getting… Complicated. “Clare,” he was getting anxious. She nodded more to herself, she had… Read More