Life is Never Fair


Camp NaNoWriMo Update, Horror Basement Tour, Sketching: Depression Therapy

Quite honored to post the achievements on tonight endeavors. I have finally completed the first draft of two shorts and I’m ninety thousand words into Tellus 🎉 To celebrate these glorious accomplishments, I’m sharing a snippet from my recently completed first draft, Craving Candy. Lana leaned over the railing, a cigarette lodge between her fingers and a smartphone in her other hand. Her apron was scrunched on the handle bar, revealing her… Read More

Hello, minasan! 😃 Hope life is going well. For me, still taking it day by day. My right arm is still sort of stiff from my hospital 🏥 visit but everything is pretty swell. I’m looking forward to going back to work Friday and I’ve been extremely productive when it comes to my writing 🖋. Still working on Tellus and Bloodless Pendants. Word count for Tellus is 43,081 and Bloodless Pendants is… Read More

I found a new hobby and surprisingly, I enjoy it more than I thought I would. Since my tablet’s charger was chewed and then “fixed.” Okay.  I  ✂ it in half then tried to tape it together by the copper wires… 😌 Yeah… Lesson learned. Handy work aside, I spend most my time now reading  📚 other works similar to my own style or the genre  I’m writing for and… The dictionary…. Read More

This post was intended for Wednesday, but the editor and procrastinator inside me dueled and the editor in me triumphed. So, I spent the last two days and rewriting chapters and reading other amazing writers works. Actually, I lost my flow and confidence and withdrew in fear that my progress wasn’t exceptional for you lovely peeps. And that’s where I failed. The whole reason why I created my blog was to grow… Read More

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s WIPpet time. Sorry, if I haven’t been around lately. I’m currently in a slump. I’m twenty-five, turning twenty-six next month. I guess, the realization that I’m getting older and not younger sunk in. So, lately some stuff has been eating away at my thoughts. Like: Do I really want to be a writer? Am I motivated enough? Do I have the creative insight? What about designing? Oh,… Read More

It’s Wednesday and I’ve been slow poking around with writing this week. A lot has been going on, including my best friend hounding me about my writing career. I understand where she’s coming from, but I have a serious fear when it comes to success. There I said it. But that’s something I’m willingly to work on. I believe with hard work and improving my craft, I wouldn’t be so afraid. She… Read More

Yeah, I sure did. Why? Because it’s the truth. One of the reasons why I don’t post as often is because I am afraid of boring my readers. I wouldn’t want to read repetitive and boring pieces, so I do try my best to deliver. Doesn’t always go well, however. Anywhoo. I was debating for a while on changing things up. I’m still going to post my writing, excerpts and my favorite… Read More

Ah, I’m late with my post for WIPpet Wednesday. Don’t beat me to bad. A lot happened yesterday in the middle of work. For the past few days, Bubba’s asthma has been uncontrollable. He missed school for the second day in the row now, and tomorrow will be his third. We have a machine and a fast acting inhaler. He also has to take pills, but I’m thinking the dosage isn’t enough… Read More

I’m addicted to eating. There, I said it, and it’s not just any eating. It has to be junk and full of things that you are not supposed to eat too much of. I’ve been eating like this since I was a child. I’m not saying that this is an excuse. I know its not. I’m saying that’s it a lot harder for me stop. I have “paused” plenty of times, but one… Read More