Life is Never Fair


Another day with K.S.

  Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up!

I woke liberated and stress-free. Though surrounded with chaos; losing my job, eviction, lack of finance, I manage to smile 😊 Why? What else to do other than to take one step at a time? No matter how baby those steps are. Facing reality was a lot harder to disgust than I admitted to myself days ago. I’ve always a had a plan- a go to, when shit hit the fan. When… Read More

Hello is way overdue. I have been M.I.A from all social media. My life has turned on its backside and there’s no one to blame but myself. The depression that jackets me has shriveled to a wind breaker but it is still here. Still thriving off my failures. I am not like most. I think my kind is considered one of few. Simply put, I overthink, a lot. My comfort is drifting… Read More

I decided I would face all that comes way. I will make my own choices. I will take responsibility for my own actions.

​This was one of the worst Christmas’s emotionally for me. I fucked up. I let my feelings burrow into my heart and shut down all other reason. I was in awful funk. Depressed doesn’t feel like the right word. So as I am slowly crawling out of the muck,  I’ve decided to change myself socially.  Last month I downloaded a diary app. Honestly,  I felt it was going to be one of… Read More

​As the cold fingers of depression sunk their nails into my already worn mind,  I’ve noticed my lack of interest of everyday enjoyment,  priorities need to be kept and my own ambiguous goals. You would think with this awareness I would’ve counter this in some way. I’ve tried. Many times. I’ve switched up my routine,  thinking the change would halt the dark hole stretching it’s way toward me. Well, it doesn’t. And… Read More

Time continues even when the hands haves stopped for me. I watched a movie a while back called Lucy. I’m not sure what scene it was but Lucy (the main character) figured that with greater knowledge we would lose what it means to be human. That our existence, our legacy is brought upon by the ancient and continuous use of time. Time defines us. So, as I am sitting here wasting mine,… Read More

I had an “episode”, which I normally explain as me procrastinating or becoming uninterested in the things I normally love or NEED to do I.E. writing or going to work. This episode is a reappearance cycle where I am trapped in a corridor of darkness and sorrow. Not interested in my everyday routine, not able to stay focus. The only thing constant on my mind is the drumming silence and the voice… Read More