Life is Never Fair


I hope everyone is enjoying there day. I am. I switched up my routine, branched out, shook things up. Been closed in all the time can drive a person (Yup, I was getting there πŸ˜†) So, today we agreed to go to our local library.

Today I strolled with my dad downtown.Β  We reminisced about my younger days and he expressed how much he wants our family to be tighter. His kool-aid grin made me elated.Β  I haven’t seen my dad this refreshed in a while.Β  I saw my dad for what he has grown to beΒ and it broke my heart that I didn’t see it before. The bodyguard andΒ hustler that protected and provided for me is… Read More

Leah has picked up a new skill…. Modeling! Look at her many poses. Kawaii!!! 😍😘