Life is Never Fair


A glorious quote about writing.

Camp NaNoWriMo Update, Horror Basement Tour, Sketching: Depression Therapy

Country living, Visually Bliss, Camp NaNoWriMo, WIP Shorts and K.S. Let’s not forget about K.S.

Writing, Visually Bliss, and Family–all in the hot season of Summer!

There was a time when my heart melted. My legs buckled. My chest pounded. Your gaze weakened me Your touch dominated me It was a new type of pleasure. I never knew existed. And you shared it with me, sucked me in.   There was a time when the cold of sorrow froze me. Numbed me. Your gaze stoned me Your touch crumbled me It was a new type of torture. I… Read More

Every night I think about my day. I think about what I’ve accomplished. What I failed. And in the morning, those same thoughts greet me, reminding me. I’m not a failure. I’m learning.

I found a new hobby and surprisingly, I enjoy it more than I thought I would. Since my tablet’s charger was chewed and then “fixed.” Okay.  I  ✂ it in half then tried to tape it together by the copper wires… 😌 Yeah… Lesson learned. Handy work aside, I spend most my time now reading  📚 other works similar to my own style or the genre  I’m writing for and… The dictionary…. Read More

We are entwined like the mechanism of a fine antique clock. We walk 🚶 similar paths, chasing similar dreams. We are anchored ⚓ through faith, destined to comfort each other through our lightest and darkest of times. We are soul friends and we are meant to be together. It is a love ❤ deep as the oceans, yet calm like the waves. Strong as iron, yet flexible as bamboo 🌿 Time has… Read More

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s WIPpet time. Sorry, if I haven’t been around lately. I’m currently in a slump. I’m twenty-five, turning twenty-six next month. I guess, the realization that I’m getting older and not younger sunk in. So, lately some stuff has been eating away at my thoughts. Like: Do I really want to be a writer? Am I motivated enough? Do I have the creative insight? What about designing? Oh,… Read More