Life is Never Fair


I hope everyone is enjoying there day. I am. I switched up my routine, branched out, shook things up. Been closed in all the time can drive a person (Yup, I was getting there 😆) So, today we agreed to go to our local library.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s WIPpet time. Sorry, if I haven’t been around lately. I’m currently in a slump. I’m twenty-five, turning twenty-six next month. I guess, the realization that I’m getting older and not younger sunk in. So, lately some stuff has been eating away at my thoughts. Like: Do I really want to be a writer? Am I motivated enough? Do I have the creative insight? What about designing? Oh,… Read More

After reading everyone’s WIPpet’s from WIPpet Wednesday and the comments from my own. It came to my attention that I needed to read and  research more and do a lot more writing. I love writing, but I contradict myself more than I do anything. So, today on this lovely rainy Thanksgiving Day, while I’m sitting behind my desk at work, I’m going to research some reference images for Bloodless Pendants. Maybe four… Read More

Life fiction is stories from my life that has been exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Almost all of it is true, expect for some of the dialogue. You can find more stories (once I create them) under the Splash of Crazy category. fiction #1 I’m huffing my daughter in a stroller with my son and fiancé by my heels on a skinny path on the highway that we call the bridge. As we… Read More

The other day, someone very close to me posted a relationship question on Facebook. A common question that many post. However, what if that person was your mom and the person she was talking about was your dad. Would the topic all of sudden get personal? Yes and No. Yes, because it’s about MY parents and I, personally don’t want others in their business. If my parents makes a decisions , I… Read More

Yeah, I sure did. Why? Because it’s the truth. One of the reasons why I don’t post as often is because I am afraid of boring my readers. I wouldn’t want to read repetitive and boring pieces, so I do try my best to deliver. Doesn’t always go well, however. Anywhoo. I was debating for a while on changing things up. I’m still going to post my writing, excerpts and my favorite… Read More

During the fall, the wind howls through the crevice of my window. Tree branches sway up against the paneling of my house. And when night falls and the house is layered in silence, the voices in my head come alive. One by one, in soft inaudible murmurs, they fill my room until their anger becomes unbearable. “What do you want?” I scream out in fear. The room  drops to a dead silence and… Read More

Ah, I’m late with my post for WIPpet Wednesday. Don’t beat me to bad. A lot happened yesterday in the middle of work. For the past few days, Bubba’s asthma has been uncontrollable. He missed school for the second day in the row now, and tomorrow will be his third. We have a machine and a fast acting inhaler. He also has to take pills, but I’m thinking the dosage isn’t enough… Read More

Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. – Astrid Alauda This inspirational one-liner is hoisted by the amazing, Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.