◀️part one 

photography? yes, i kind of slid that in there.  previous blog attempts, i tried to showcase my pictures without spamming my blog. i tried. now, i jus post everythin’ on the gram. yup. Instagram is all about ‘in the moment’, photos of life 😀😀😀

i take nature related shots, like this:


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now, the NEW persona i had to create. 🙏 first, i like to thank my Lord Father for the blessings i’ve received thus far. right before the new/repeated term, i found employment working from home again. awesome,  right?

okay, i’ve jabbered and took over probably five minutes of your time. so, i’ll wrap things up now.

the new persona tailors toward empowering moms, women, girls, anyone female, but anyone can relate to many of the quotes.

ebonaffects.wordpress.com is an inspirational blog, sharing quotes from lyrics, authors, geniuses, poets, if it’s inspiring and empathetic it’s posted there.

it’s a baby still, but if you follow, you can help it grow.

well, that’s my life in a nutshell other than family ❤️ which is pretty awesome. there are a few notes i’d like to express. once i’ve figure my feelings, i’ll share.

because sharing is caring


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i updated the media projects page

i’m on this 🙌