all or nothin’

i’m contemplating how i want to start this post, this open chat between you, my online buddies, and myself. hmmm… see, i have a lot of those lately. my inspiration comes and goes like the flick of a lighter. before i lose this marvel thought, i’m posting from my inspirational blog, ebon affects.

this blog… you know that feeling when you finally found that one piece to make things whole? i’ve been searching for mine on social media. i want all my accounts made online to represent me as an actual person. no matter what site, i want my flare to be imprinted, uniquely.

i am one of those people who have to do it her way or it isn’t good enough. reading that sentence back, i guess my fiancee was right. welp, there are some traits you jus cannot modify. i try to adapt. when he finishes cleaning the bathroom, i won’t go behind to scrub the spots he missed for at least an hour when i know he’s engrossed in his game.

it’s one of those halfway happy situations i implemented quite gruesomely with my projects. no matter what it is, if i can make this platform me without anyone’s help, i’m one happy woman. i’ve done so throughout the years and lil by lil my skills improve.

this milestone, the peek of my creativity, i’m engraving all of me. ebon affects shares my life story through lyrics and quotes. what makes this unique, i pick out the quotes. if i happen to come across a blogger with inspiring words, i’ll create its own background. like i have done so here:

18_orange_purple_blue_butterly_cristian mihai

i find this new level of creativity to be quite addictive. so, friends, will you follow that part of my journey as well?