Entry Three

Chapter Three – Day Five

Dr. Alfred walked in front of the woman with a hand on his chin. His eyes narrowed behind his thick frames. Behind him following his every move were two nurses; one with a bandage on the side of her neck and the other wore a mask and gloves, making sure to cover most of her skin.

When Dr. Alfred walked behind the woman, a space fit for one, the two nurses hugged against each other making sure to keep their distance from the other woman strapped down in the chair.

The woman heard their body shuffle and the sound of metal hitting ground and curled a smile. She tried to tilt her head back but the restraints kept her forward. “I see you’ve found my piss bucket.”

Doctor Alfred turned to the nurses with a glare that had them both scurrying to clean up the mess. He sauntered back in front of the woman. “Good evening, Hellen. How was your nap?”

Hellen snickered. “Hard to sleep with all the noise, wouldn’t you say? Then again you wouldn’t understand since you’ve been watching me this whole time.”

Dr. Alfred stood in front her; bending to his knees so their eyes were leveled. He squinted.  A Deep and mysterious purple. Eyes the color of amethyst. Foretold in fantasy and science fiction tales. An obscurity all in its own and yet this woman wore them with a snarled smile and a tongue who had no ligament boundary. The corner of Dr. Alfred’s lips raised, slowly. He would be the first physician in history to record such a finding. It seemed too real to be true. But here he was, kneeling in front of a woman with the ability to change her entire genetic makeup to fit the character of her choosing. If the woman would ever remember the incident that played while she slumbered within herself and were able control her ability, she could be the second evolution of man. And even more the person who discovered and treated the woman of the disease would have his name framed in every prestige hospital. He could retire on a president salary.

“Doctor Alfred, are you all right?” It was Doctor Thomas that spoke from the shadows, snatching him away from his theory. He turned to the woman as she stepped from around the corner. “Would you like anything to drink? I know it must be frustrating trying to examine her under these circumstances.”

For a moment Dr. Alfred stared incredulously unaware of what truly transpired. It was the eyes of his peers that led him back to the woman. Each pair of eyes were either squinted or raised in question. He turned back to the woman, a small shudder crawling up his arm. His first reaction was to distance himself from her, but he immediately felt the embarrassment of it all.

He cleared his throat, returning his gaze back to Doctor Thomas. Was everyone else this attentive? He scoped the room, all eyes besides he’s were engrossed in the disturbingly lustful attempts of the patient. Hellen moaned louder, engrossed as if the attention itself was her penetrator. He cleared his throat again, this time more robust. All eyes found its way back to his devotion. “Wonderful. Now, let us remember our agenda. Doctor Thomas?”

Doctor Thomas eyes stung when the other doctor’s words finally sunk in. “But of course.” She glanced down at her notes.  “You may procced, Doctor.”

Doctor Alfred rose to his feet, his hands cupped behind his back. “Did you find it amusing, Hellen? I would of have thought you to be the mature one out of the two.”

Hellen cut the doctor off, licking her lips. “Three. There are three of us trapped in this damn lump of meat.” She scooted down in her chair, spreading her legs wide. “You know, Doctor. You’re one sick bastard, yourself. Lying to these poor souls.”

Doctor Alfred breathed in slowly, a little ruffled by his patient’s comment. “I’m afraid, I don’t quite understand. Why don’t you explain it to me a clearer, Hellen?”

Hellen licked her lips then snorted a laugh. She straightened her posture, glancing at the obviously anticipated faces around her. She closed her eyes, tilting her side to side, humming. There was disturbing stillness in the room. Doctor Alfred glanced over his shoulder and saw Doctor Thomas gaze focused on Hellen, her grip clutched tight around the clipboard. Even the strong labor personal he brought, somehow made their way closer to the exit.

When Hellen opened her eyes, everyone let out a small breathless gasp. Doctor Alfred stepped back from the drift of cold drafting from Hellen. Seconds later the entire room filled with a shuddering a coldness and despair.  A few of the nurses scurried out the room, stating they had other tasks to attend to. Doctor Alfred turned to Hellen, whose primary focus was now him.

Hellen ran her tongue across her bottom lip then bite down on it hard, blood bubbling around the wound. “We are gods, Doctor. Gods you will never be able to tame.” She jerked her head back and bellowed a cackling laugh. “On the night stand. That one is for our lovely host, Ellan. Would you tell her the game has started?”

Doctor Alfred dubiously glanced over at the stand near the bed. A white piece of paper laid flat on the surface. His foot falls clanking to the anticipation pounding in his chest.

Doctor Thomas hesitated a question. “What… game?”

“Go fish.” Hellen lounged back, grinning red.

The letter was less than a paragraph addressed to Ellan, specifically. It read:

Hello, dear. I’m sure you don’t remember me and quite frankly, I’m pretty pissed about that. Who do you think you are? I know! A lying whore, I wish I could stripped the flesh from and torment for all of entirety. But, I can’t. And it’s because I can’t that I am even writing you. This game will end when I become one. Sort of like a pair of cards. You remember, right? Of course. You let those morons dope your mind and block it out. But that is all fine and dandy… For now. I will win, Ellan. Everything we own is mine to keep. Haven’t I always won in Gold Fish?


Be a doll and say hello to our beautiful daughter, Alexis, for me.