Entry One

Chapter One – Day One

Ellan woke to a bright light shining all around her. She tried to move, sit up even, but found that both her arms and legs were bound to the bed. She searched the white walls around her. No pictures. No decorations. Nothing.

“Where am I?” Her voice came out scratchy and dried.

A door opened but Ellan could not see the body that approach, only the sound of their heavy steps. Her heart pounded hard against her chest. Like drums beating to high pace dance. Her breathing growing shallow. What was this terrifying feeling sulking over her body, suffocating her? A man wearing the same white as her surroundings entered in her sight. Assisting him, a tall brunette with a dark brown outfit.

“Where am I?” Ellan asked the man as he spread the skin around her eye with two fingers. With the other hand he shone a piercing light that forced Ellan to shut her eyes.

The man nodded then turned to the woman and said, “She’s responsive.”

The woman nodded in agreement, taking a seat in a white chair across from Ellan’s bed.

Ellan heard papers ruffling and saw a faint glimpse of a clipboard. “What is she doing? What do you want from me?” She jerked and pulled up but the restraints held her down.

The man eyed her for a minute and then unbuckled her right hand and then the left. “I am Doctor Alfred and this is Doctor Thomas, she used to treat you when you were nine. Do you remember?”

Ellan rose, her back resting on the cold wall. She looked over at the woman. Now that she had a better view the woman was familiar. “Wait. When I was nine?” She turned to Dr. Alfred. There was only one doctor she visited at that age and she tried her best not to remember that part of her life. It was filled with despair, confusion, and pain.  If that doctor was here then does that mean? “It can’t be.” Ellan pulled at her hair shaking her head. “No. No. No. It can’t be.”

Dr. Alfred rested a firm hand on her shoulder while Dr. Thomas wrote feverishly on the clipboard. Ellan looked up, her hands coming to her side. His eyes were cold as if he seen it all. Empty. No sense of hope or comfort. His eyes frightened the woman more than his words. “Ellan, you have been in our care since your daughter’s birth.” He walked over to the other woman and she handed him a file. He opened it reading some of its contents. “Ellan Marrieth. Twenty years old. Diagnosed with multiple personality disorder at the age of nine. Your mother had you undergo several therapy sessions, where after many hours they were finally able to cure your illness. Until now.” He handed Ellan a letter, crumpled and tattered, written on parchment. “They have come back, Ellan. For what reasons, we have not figured it out.”

Ellan took the letter with a trembling hand. “They have come… back?”

Doctor Alfred crossed his arms, nodding. “Ellan, for the past two months we have seen both Angel and Hellen. For a while they tormented your body, leaving unthinkable scars that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.” He reached down toward her waist, Ellan flinched. “I’m just trying to show you something.” She nodded and allowed the doctor to remove the sheets.

Ellan gasped. Her legs were marked across several of times; some were perfect straight lines and others were jagged but they all were reddened and fresh.

Alfred continued. “We had to bind you. That was the only way, for a while. After a few days, every morning we found you unbind, laying on the floor, writing, with your own blood. Luckily, one of the nurses, who seem to take a liking to Angel informed us that they will stop hurting you if they had paper and pencil. However, Angel’s had to be parchment and a feather pen. A black feather pen.”

Ellan shook her head, tears streaming down her face. “Why now? Why all of sudden, now?” She balled up the parchment. “Will I see Alexis? Please doctor, tell me I will see my daughter?” Ellan quickly came to the realization that if this was like the last time then she would be in this white room for a while. She choked on her tears trying to compose herself, but it was all too much.

Doctor Alfred walked over to a piece of wall by the door. It was pushed in slightly or built that way. He knocked on the wall. “It’s Alfred.” Ellan was now sniffling into a tissue Doctor Thomas had given her. She lifted her head at the sound of something moving in the walls. The wall slide up, revealing a glass. And beyond that glass, a tiny body in a bassinet.

“Alexis.” Without thinking Ellan tried to rush to the window but the restrains on her legs stopped her. She hung over her hospital bed, her fingers barely touching the tile. Doctor Alfred helped her back into the bed, his eyes staring off to the side. “I forgot. Will I get to hold her?”

It was Doctor Thomas who spoke. “Of course, Ellan. But under heavy supervision.  Please do not take it personal but until we treat your illness and find the root cause of their appearance we can’t allow you to be alone with her. Is that understood?”

Ellan nodded. She glanced back at the window. Her daughter’s little lungs rising and falling. At least she could spend time with her, substantially guarded or not. “How long will I be staying?” Doctor Alfred cleared his throat and her daughter vanished before her eyes; the wall sliding back into place. She placed a hand over her stomach as her heart ripped from her arteries, which held it in her chest and plunged. Without Alexis she felt incomplete.

Doctor Alfred handed her two round pills from his pocket. “You will be undergoing daily therapy and medication. We also want you to continue to allow them to write each other as much as possible. It will help us figure out what they want. Once we figure their cause for reappearing we’ll take the necessary steps to subdue them.”

Ellan grab the pills. “Will these work? Instead of going through the rest.”

Doctor Thomas wrote a few more things and then stood. She handed Ellan a white Styrofoam cup filled with just enough water to take the pills. “Unfortunately they haven’t. It seems to only put them into a temporary slumber. Five hours max. Ellan, I know this is very frustrating and you’re probably confused. But please know we are here to help you. Whatever they want, it is not good for you or Alexis. All right?”

Ellan shook her head.

“Good, now take those and get some rest.” Doctor Thomas waited. “Unfortunately we cannot leave until we’ve seen that you have took them.”

Ellan tossed the pills in her mouth; they were chalky and started to melt instantly upon hitting her saliva. She flushed down the remnants with water, shuddering.

“I know, but they’ll help.” Doctor Thomas went around the wall. Ellan heard the door closed.

Doctor Alfred was on his way out the door as well but stopped and turned to Ellan. “We may be specialist, but only you can understand them. Read the letters. Analyze them. Help us help you.” He left the room as quickly as possible.

Ellan thought over his words. Help us, help you. What can she do? She just wanted them to disappear, leave her alone. So she could spend time with her daughter. Alexis. She shifted her weight to the side, the paper crumbling underneath her thigh. Help us, help you. Well, if she must then the first step was to read and understand them. She straightened the letter, reading over Angel’s words.

Angel's letter Part One

Angel’s letter Part One

Angel's letter Part Two

Angel letter Part Two

2 Comments on “Entry One

  1. I love this! Unique and interesting as hell. I love it, keep it up.This is exciting like those old time serials. Ask me how I know. LOL

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