One Mind Two Names


Ellan is a twenty year-old single mother who was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder at the age of nine. For the past eleven years, she has lived in peace, unaware of what happened when she was a child. But after the birth of her daughter she is admitted into a hospital specialized for the ill at mind. During her stay she learns about her past, including the reason she was admitted; because she unconsciously lost control over both Angel and Hellen, two of her personalities. As she struggles to subdue the two she learns that not only are they trying to take over her body, they’re fighting amongst themselves in an exchange of letters. In  the letters Ellan learns the truth of their existence and the danger that awaits the people around her, especially her newborn, Alexis.

The story is told through letter entries from both personalities and the perspective of Ellan, the host, Doctor Alfred and Doctor Thomas; as Ellan goes through therapy to try to suppress her inner selves.

Broken Pages : The Diary of Ellan and Her Halves


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