About The Author

For those of you lovely visitors

that are wondering what this blog consists and why, I’ll be more than happy to share its essences.

First I want to say how grateful and excited I am; this blog has opened my mind to a world that I thought would never exist.


I blog to express myself… and to remind myself the reasons why I thrive when I’m come to a crossroad in life.


My name is Samara ‘Sam’ Norton. I’m twenty-seven with two children who are nine and four.  I completed my junior year of both bachelor’s; creative writing and graphic design. I believe all great pieces are founded on observation and research, and the phrase “There’s never too many notes” . Through tough times, writing psychological and fantasy stories has kept me sane and on here is where you can find my own short stories and excerpts of my work in progress novels, and of course a few splashes of my life. I have always been drawn to artistic aspect of art, dabbling in Photoshop to create maps and covers for many of the stories I write.  I have experienced  failure and pain growing up, which left me with a mental scar.  My hobbies are playing MMORPG games on my PC and smartphone, watching anime,  and taking photos of the flowers in my neighborhood.


If by chance (crossing my fingers) that I have one of my lovely works published, I’ll post a link as well. I mean who wouldn’t, right?

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