About The Author

For those of you lovely visitors

that are wondering what this blog consists and why, I’ll be more than happy to share its essences.

First I want to say how grateful and excited I am; this blog has opened my mind to a world that I thought would never exist.

My name is Samara ‘K.S.’ Norton.  I believe all great pieces are founded on observation and research.  I studied creative writing and graphic design for three years. Through tough times, writing thriller and fantasy stories have always kept me sane. This blog is a keepsake where I share and express my feelings in its rawest form about writing, my life, and occasionally art.

If by chance (crossing my fingers) that I have one of my lovely works published, I’ll post a link as well. I mean who wouldn’t, right?

“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” —Allen Ginsberg, WD

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