Discovering Roots

This week is slow compared to last week. I spent the first few days in bed because of my allergies. I guess, I fooled myself believing that my immune system grew used to the heavy pollen in the area. Damn, a girl can dream. Stuffy nose and itchy and watery eyes haven’t deterred me, mostly. I do have to spend, at minimum, an hour groggy and out of body in between sneeze attacks until the medicine kicks in. I missed the writing group last Wednesday. Unfortunate, but my best friend came into town and we celebrated her 26th birthday family style, playing board games and drinking oj mixed with cotton candy liquor. Surprisingly, it tasted amazing and it was smooth going down.

The next day, we spent the entire morning and afternoon with Jackson’s aunt. A day she planned. Quite delightful and refreshing. For years, I’ve known that my beloved was part native american. He’d reminisce of the times he spent fishing and listening to his grandpa’s folklore. Jackson is an expressionless man, or he’d like to be. A Hank Hill, you can say. But when he talks about his grandpa there’s always a glint, glossing the corner of his eyes. Like his grandpa, Jackson is proud of his heritage and so is the rest of his family. His aunt took up beading and our first stop was an authentic native american store. A craft for the patience and precise of fingers. I will admit, beading is not my expertise. Still, the work is phenomenally beautiful.

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His aunt made me an eyeglass case!

Our next destination was cut short. We had a blowout.  Although, we couldn’t see the buffalos, I managed to take some good shots.


These were edited in PICART. One filter. That’s all they need. I took these on the road in different cities. They’re my favorite. I started a collection.


The most awesome thing happened earlier last week! I received an email from the university, I attended a year or so ago.


Second chance 🙂


Sis’s birthday party was awesome. We don’t see each other as often because of the distance. Though, I did had my heart set on going to the writer’s meet at the library. I need to submerge myself in the environment. It keeps me focus when I have my isolating moments. I joined Scribophile, a writing group online. It has set guidelines, the writers respect one another and to post a story, you must critique to earn Karama points. All in all; a great adjustment.

Camp NaNoWriMo begins Saturday and for some reason, I’m nervous. I know it’s a great filler until I start school on the 31st of July. It’ll keep me writing and distracted long enough to calm my first day jitters. Along with the random words that I will use in each of the stories, I added a theme. I’m going with the seven deadly sins. A great independence twist, right?!


My first selfie at the new house

But, I’m wondering if I’m going beyond what I need to guide me for these shorts. I know if I get too invested, I’ll want to expand it into a novel, which I cannot do. I cannot get stuck outlining. I am determined to leave camp a winner!

Motivational speech aside, I finished short stories Dark Forest; I renamed to Karen, and Glory. Camilla’s Quest is still a draft. Tellus is coming along nicely. Taking the time to update the map and adding a brief character description for the high-ranking officers helped tremendously with the chapter I was stumped on for a few weeks. I’m progressing, which matters most.



“I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward.”
~Thomas Edison~




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