The days passed rough and yet blissful. My mistakes cost me my home and, again, a blessing came after. Jackson’s aunt, a landlord, rented us one of her houses out in the country. Pretty, damn awesome. A fixer-upper; scrubbing floors and walls, painting and lots of cleaning out the previous owner’s belongings. Yeah, that was hell. Apparently, my aunt-in-law’s previous tenants were not happy that they had to pay for the year they resided. I scrubbed at least two phone numbers from the closest doors. In the children’s closet, a child, or at least I hope it was, scribbled on the walls. I still can’t believe how they reached above the top shelf. I had to get a chair!

We have no central or window unit. Nor hot water and we think we may have a wasp infestation somewhere in one of the bedrooms. Damn things come from nowhere. Ugh. 😑 With all the bustle between finding a part-time, working on the house, staying active on my personal writing endeavors and of course being an awesome mom and girlfriend, I wake up each morning thanking my Lord Father for this opportunity at a second chance.  I have a beautiful built-in bookshelf in my dining / living room and there’s a least two windows in all the rooms expect the bathroom. Some have four (mine do ☺). I never had a “spot” to call my own in the livening room. So, when I sat on the couch, my arm resting on the armrest, I knew this was it. A beautiful tree hangs barely over the roof, giving shade and splaying light through the mini blinds. Perfect spot to read and write.  Of course, I suffered about a week without internet, but the serene view and atmosphere, helped.

If you’re thinking, I’ve broke down once or twice, you’ve won your money. Though glorious and relaxing the countryside maybe. I have my moments. In fact, I’m slowly coming from one now. My thoughts are clear and it doesn’t feel like a whirlwind of problems and ‘what-if’s’ are spinning violently in my head. The whooshing of it all is no longer drowning out my life around me.

I have a lot to work on health wise. Yeah, I stomached a ton of unhealthy snacks that had my tummy rumbling in dispute for days. I’m learning more about myself, which excites me even more to further my career. Other than that, my friends, my family is enjoying our small town as of I. Bubba and Leah made friends before we moved. The week we were cleaning and tending to the house. Now that we’re here it seems official. It’s quite funny how children communicate without calling, texting, or knocking on doors. They simply walk pass the house, most the time riding their bikes. When Bubba sees more than one outside, he knows it playtime. He’s been outside here than he did at our old house. Good, gets him off the computer so I can play Guild Wars 2. 😁Leah made a friend around her age too. He stays next door. She, too, doesn’t want to stay indoors. Ten points for mom!

I’m working on short stories and I’ve completed the first edit for at least two and am working on the third. A few days ago, my boyfriend’s other aunt was generous enough to ride me around town. I found a local writing and photography group and a library and post office a few blocks from where I live. I went to the unemployment office, where reality festered. The jobs are slim so I’ll have to be grateful for whatever opportunity that I’m granted. However, my advisor did spark a match, suggesting publishing my shorts. An idea I already had in the back of my head, but now am seriously contemplating. The other option is to apply to department or craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby. Going for a store where I can benefit as writer too! Did you say I get a 10% discount on all office supplies?  😀😀

We’re getting settled. Jackson spends most his time working on something around the house. Not going to hide it- I miss ‘our time’, but I know this move is for the best. The downfall of the move is the forty-five-minute drive from my best friend and family. The again that’s why cars and iHeart Radio were invented.


My Tree ❤

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