❤ My Father 👪

Today I strolled with my dad downtown.  We reminisced about my younger days and he expressed how much he wants our family to be tighter. His kool-aid grin made me elated.  I haven’t seen my dad this refreshed in a while.  I saw my dad for what he has grown to be and it broke my heart that I didn’t see it before. The bodyguard and hustler that protected and provided for me is growing sickHe’s slowly succumbing to the many years of hardworking , drinking, and cigarettes. He has to use a cane now and I noticed it pains him to walk long.  He walked with me for over an hourHe’s so strong willed that he doesn’t want us to worry about him.  He’s always trying to provide even when he has nothing.  I feel awful because my dad needs me and I can’t help him the way I want to.  My mistakes dug me in a hole and  when I finally climbed out, I lost the possessions that was unnecessary.  I was reminded once again of what’s important to me.  My dad endured the pain of walking because he missed quality time with me. Thinking back at today brings me to tears. It made me realize how much time I lost and my purpose My family.  


My dad ❤


Of course he has stories for back in the day when this abandon masterpiece was a hotel


Mayo Hotel – Historic Site


Best daughter and father time so far. I learned a lot today about myself.

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