BLIND Awareness 

​I woke up on January fifth feeling blah and with a sense that it was just an ordinary day.  Yet a painful sorrow cloaked me and I felt a guilt I never felt before. On here.  My blog.  The place I created to express myself and share the ups and downs about my life and ambitions. It’s hard telling people I will probably never meet about my struggles.  I’m sure every writer feels that insecurity that their piece is not good enough for others to see.  I think about it every day.  In fact it’s what kept me from moving forward. Always hiding and pretending.  That’s the hard part, keeping up with the lies I told myself.  Well, after what seemed like an eternity two days of sulking in my own misery; another one of life’s little face palms✋smacked me right in the middle of my forehead. Yeah,  I typed forehead.  I was reminded yet again that I am meant to make mistakes.  But I’m also capable of learning from those mistakes and becoming a better person. That’s the part I failed to comprehend for years.  Even now I’m still a little unsure. Yet, a part of me believes that’s how I’m supposed to feel. I’m aware and that’s the important thing. I’m aware on how I got where I am today. What choices I made that influenced the woman I am inspiring to become. My cocoon is finally hatching. Not going to lie it’s a bubbling excitement brewing inside me the more I find out about myself.  Took me a long enough, huh? 😕

Naw. I would disagree. I’ve learned at the pace I convinced myself that I needed to take.  Everyone has a different pace.  As the new year rolled in and another birthday past, I say hello Samara.  Nice to finally meet you.  Oh, and happy 27th BIRTHDAY!  🎂

I’m not making new year resolutions. I knew from the start what I needed to do.  I believe we all do.  Sometimes it’s buried deep in our subconscious with the reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t.  I’m just going to be honest. With myself. With my family and friends. With life.  I think it makes life a little more interesting and less stressful.  Plus it’s a great opportunity to drop the negative influences who thrived on my insecurities. Isn’t that a win-win?  😉👍

Happy New Year Everyone 🎆 And remember 

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

Bernard M. Baruch

Not sure if this is appropriate but I have a little humor for ya. 

Husband and wife takes a shower together like they have done many times before. For the first time the wife gets out the shower before the husband and he says to her as she wraps the towel around her frame. “You’re done?” 

“Yup,” she says with a smirk. “You let me stay in the water long enough to wash and rinse.” 

“Oh. I feel like a woman now,” the husband says as the soap slips from his hands. He reaches down to pick it up to finish his wash and his wife jest.  

“And then you drop the soap.” 

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