A New Year… Let Resolutions Begin

​This was one of the worst Christmas’s emotionally for me. I fucked up. I let my feelings burrow into my heart and shut down all other reason. I was in awful funk. Depressed doesn’t feel like the right word. So as I am slowly crawling out of the muck,  I’ve decided to change myself socially. 

Last month I downloaded a diary app. Honestly,  I felt it was going to be one of the many projects I never really complete. Surprisingly,  it didn’t come out the way I , which is pretty damn awesome. Sometimes after I type a post, I’ll go back and read the previous. It’s strange remembering the feelings I’ve felt days prior. But they are there. Vivid and fresh. Since I downloaded the app, most posts painted a mentally broke and confused woman. Nothing but truth. Depressing but not in a pitiful way, more like a revelation. So, instead of new year goals,  I’m just going to walk forward. Blindly, because the future is a blank canvas and what I do in the now is my paint brush. And the work of art displayed after many days and years have passed will be beautifully hung. The  only difference 2017 will be hung over all the other years with an incredible shine. This is my year… no… so cliché. I will make this my year. I am going to make this my year. Happy New Years everyone. May your year be filled with more positive than negative. 🍻

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