Whispers From the Heart

​In dream my questions are answered 

My worries are our alive. 

Life is painted in vivid illumination- surrounded by the pitch of night. 

Cold hands caress me instance after entrance into a drowning silence of darkness

my body floats 

My mind bend free. 

I closed my eyes. 

The tumbler of my conscious unlocks and the restraint unbolts. 

Limb and vulnerable 

Exposed, yet shielded

Here in the pitch of night is where I am most welcome. 

For a breath, I wait and then slowly they visit from all sides 

 In hush tones, they call out to; 

Some remind me of deeds undone 

Some of mistakes meant to learn

Some of hopes meant to accomplish 

But all with a voice calm and sharp. 

Whispers of the heart. 

My heart. 

Do you believe in whispers? 

The sweet nothings. 

The warmth of breath on your ear. 

I do

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