​Bubba is so awesome. I’m so proud and honored to be his mother. Compared to most children his age,  he is considered behind— socially,  that is. But when you a hold conversation to his interest and I’m not talking about just video games, I’m sure the surprise feeling of astonishment will wash over you as does it me each discussion. His love for science out reaches any hobby or interest I have seen most claim to be their ambition. We talked for five minutes and I learned more about  supernovas,  black holes,  nebulas and how to measure the milky way from earth than I can remember learning from school. His grin enlightens me and warms my heart to see him excited. These are the moments that makes parenting indescribable. It makes working doubles or picking up extra shifts even more plausible. Because now I’m excited to see how far this little sprout can grow. I’m sure the greenhouse in which I’m sheltering him and the nutrients that he’s fed will play a major role in his growth. But in this world,  if I want to see my seedling grow into a mighty oak, I will need to do a lot more than supporting him with encouraging kind words. He’s going to need guidance and to guide, I must lay the pathway with my actions. I couldn’t be more thrilled to walk this journey. 

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