Tis the Season for Change

Ohyaoo Minsan!  ✋😊

How are you doing?  Everything swimming okay? With the presidential elections and holidays, I’m sure chaos is knocking at your door too.

For those the elections, have affected, I pray it did not cause you as much pain as most. On Facebook, I have seen people unfriend years of friendship and some threatening to commit suicide.  I understand it can be upsetting, but remember this is not the first time our government have failed us by parading alongside the media when the situation should be handle much more delicately.  Before anyone comment, because I know how this topic can start spitfires, I did not and will not follow any political affairs to an extreme where I need to discuss it with others. Honestly, it is over my head and I don’t have time debating with anyone. It’s not worth it. What I learned over the years is that what is promised now may not come to fruit later. So why argue?  Other than that- I had a revelation *in a high pitch singsong voice* 🎤 🎼

Yup. 😀😊

I’m doing so much better both health and life wise. Not saying that my situation is cleared from under the debris of my mistakes. No, that will take time. Instead, the dense smog once suffocated and obscured all reason and thought was lifted. I feel lighter. Determined. More motivated and ecstatic than I have my whole life. It’s crazy but I feel complete and more in tune with myself. I finally answered the aged long question: who am I? Knowing unveils all doubts and now I see life how it should; eager for change yet patience to put forth the effort. 😉💪

If you haven’t stopped by the Instagram side bar, here is my latest updates:

*NOTE* Bubba did not want to have birthday party. Instead he wanted a cheesecake birthday cake and money to spend on his Roblox and Minecraft. And so I provided. He has an even bigger surprise on Christmas. I can’t wait to share. Not going to get too excited and ahead of myself. So, I will leave it as that lol.

It’s Turkey and NaNo month. Awesome.  Except I haven’t been writing as I should and I am afraid I’ll gain all the weight I loss in one day. Did I tell you I am now 194lbs? I’ve lost 95lbs so far!!!  Sugoi desu. 🔥😊

Yes, it is awesome.

Jackson, my fiancé was the one who noticed first. Not going to lie, feels good to have neighbors complement and noticed all my hard work! I am getting there with my goals and it doesn’t feel oddly wrong like I’m being selfish and taking from kiddos.  Nope, I know now not only does it benefits myself but the good habits I pick up, my babies mimic widening grins. That’s a win-win. 😊😉

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