Daily Public Announcement

Ah, a lot has happened. Honestly, I’ve been more emotional than I have ever been in the twenty-six years I lived. Wait, there was my first pregnancy. Yeah, that was pretty emotional. I hope any seventeen-year girl is emotional during those time, even if it was expected. Back to the subject at hand, the next following months I will be planning (and working my ass off) two birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For me that is a lot of verbal interaction, which I am kind of not fond of. But, I will do what I must for my pumpkin babies.

Birthdays! 🎂🎉🎂🎁🎊

Leah is turning four Monday. Yay, closer to starting pre-K! She has been wanting to go school for a while. Her memory has outdone mind, actually. One day, as we were walking Bubba to school, Leah dropped to her knees and pleaded how she wanted to go to school with Bubba. As much as I would have loved to enroll her at the beginning age of three to please my princess and… myself. I could not.  Daycare was an option then I remembered that I work from home and expenses have rose more than my hourly wage could afford. Instead, I gave her a proposition. If she could learn the alphabets and numbers I would enroll her. Well, she’s mastered her colors and shapes and knows a lot of her animals. She knows how to color within a space and yes, she now knows half of her alphabets and can count up to five. In fact, she knows her one and two and three so well she can hold up identical fingers. This proud mama is doing a little bragging, but who wouldn’t be overwhelming proud of their child?

The past week or so Leah has shown immense concern that she is turning four on the third. I can’t get her to stop reminding me that she wants a Pink Pie cake. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to invite her friends or cousins or she is going to be very mad at me. I think we both are overly excited. When I was shopping for her gifts last week, I couldn’t stop smiling. I kept picturing her expression when me and her daddy bring them out to her. Her mind is going to explode. If it’s one trait I love most about my kids, it’s their dramatic expressions. They’re experts. Bubba is like lighting in a thunderstorm and Leah acts like a princess caught by surprise. It’s those expressions that reminds how great I got it. I can see a piece of me hidden underneath their outlandish personalities and it makes feel so blessed.

Hey, I just thought of an idea! I’ll post a short video after the party. You’ll see what I mean. Speaking of Bubba, his birthday is a month from now. So that’s one birthday in October and the other in November. I’ll tell more once I start scheming his party.

Holidays! 🎃🍛🎄🎁🎅💀

Halloween is my children’s day to eat all the junk and snacks their little tummies can withstand and to be as goofy and outrages they can be all while wearing the costume of their choice. Last year we took them trick or treating and came back to watch movies. We plan to do the same this year, after all when the kids are sleep the adults will play.

Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of run together. One month we eat a lot of food while shopping for the next month. While the other we shop more in an expedite and panic manor. Yay, my wallet!

…Wedding? 💒💏💍💑

Yes! I wanted to formally announce after five years of being labeled husband and wife, Jackson and I are making it official on paper.  We’ve been talking about it a lot, but I felt we wasn’t ready. After lots of thinking and talking with each other, we finally agreed that we are too stubborn to leave on our own and too secluded to search for anyone else. Being in love is a major factor too. Our anniversary, the day he first said he loved me is October 18. We have scheduled to have our wedding on our sixth anniversary in 2017. I’ll probably be emotionally unstable now and until that day, I’ve already started breaking down. The warmth and support from my family eases a lot of my doubts and blogging and writing and being productive. As long as I keep focus and not stray over the process, I’ll be fine. Hopefully. Yes, I will. If I think negatively, it will happen.

Out of all this, I am super excited about planning my wedding. I plan to design the invitations and decorate to my likings! It will be the SIMS4 come to life. *laughs menacingly * I am loving that part very much. I’m not a professional, but I have always had a passion for design. This is the opportunity to test how much of designing I actually love. I am no fan of hand and feet jewelry, so I have respectfully declined a ring. Instead, we’re doing tattoos that I am designing! How awesome is that? For me, hella awesome. I’m starting early since I don’t have a set budget. I know what I can and can’t afford and will work around that mindset. I will definitely keep updating.  So, we’re both enduring this journey for the first time. I’m posting my ideas on Pinterest. If you would like to follow.

Brief WIP Update 📑✒💻

Lately, my writing endeavors are in Tellus. When I first came with the story, I was taking a course in Greek Mythology at Full Sail University online. That was back in 2013. It was also the day I fell deeply for the subject. I am a big fan of fantasy, but the tales involving Gods and Goddess fascinates me beyond words. Over time, I played with the story in different formats. I attempted the game route and then screenplay. Then one day I picked up George R.R. Martin’s Games of Thrones and literally was dragged into the world. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I knew then that my story had much in command with Martin’s. One; it was told through multiple characters and the second; it was set in a high fantasy environment. Medieval times aren’t my strong suite, yet I am extremely hooked on his story. It’s because of desire to know, why I keep reading. After much brainstorming, I finally came up with a system for my own writing. I needed to keep track of each character of my own tale. It was confusing, still is in a way. But I have made a calendar! On the day the chapter occurs is the name of the character the story is told from. Depending on the chapter, I might add notes highlighting significant events. That way, I can keep track of my character’s personal growth and the overall story. When I last updated my word count I was 43,081 in. Now, I have 71,065 words. I am getting there, and it feels pretty damn good.

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