BAM! Life Update

Hello, minasan! 😃 Hope life is going well. For me, still taking it day by day. My right arm is still sort of stiff from my hospital 🏥 visit but everything is pretty swell. I’m looking forward to going back to work Friday and I’ve been extremely productive when it comes to my writing 🖋. Still working on Tellus and Bloodless Pendants. Word count for Tellus is 43,081 and Bloodless Pendants is 14,417. In between both books, I picked up writing One Mind Two Names. Can’t complain. Happy to be writing again. Will be updating One Mind Two Names link in the next few days. *Update* Have it updated. Enjoy Chapter Three!

My son Bubba started 3rd grade and my daughter, Leah, is eager as ever to start pre-K. One more year, I tell her. One more year. 😁😀😁

Lately, my time is spent going back and forth from Doctor appointments and supporting my brother at his court trail. Yesterday was my first day and let me tell you, if you ever been to a trail they are mentally exhausting. 😱😰😣😵One thing is for sure, they aren’t as exciting as the television shows. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back down to the courthouse to support my brother a long, very long, day. Yay, me! 😭😞😱The judge said that the jury could take up to hours before they deliver the final verdict. Its starts around nine a.m and can last up to five p.m. Awesome. 🙃 I’m nervous because I haven’t seen my brother going on two years, so I’m keeping my fingers cross.

Oh! Did I tell you that my mom is getting married on Saturday? Oh, I didn’t. Yeah, probably because I’m partially disappointed in her decision. To keep it simple, she doesn’t love 💔 him. 😒 Contradicts what she taught me when I was younger. But hey, a woman has to live, right? 😑 I was planning to go for support because when it boils down, I love my mom ❤very much and family is everything. But, Saturday is my second day back to work and I haven’t worked since I was sent to the hospital on the fifteen. I really need the funds with bills piling up right now and I’m the only one bringing in income. So, I have a tough decision to make. 🕳 ⬅I’ll just crawl in this hole here for now.

Other than that, life is unpredictable as ever. I have for you a little tease from, One Mind Two Names. Hope you enjoy!

Hellen’s Letter 📜

Hello, dear. I’m sure you don’t remember me and quite frankly, I’m pretty pissed about that. Who do you think you are? I know! A lying whore, I wish I could stripped the flesh from and torment for all of entirety. But, I can’t. And it’s because I can’t that I am even writing you. This game will end when I become one. Sort of like a pair of cards. You remember, right? Of course. You let those morons dope your mind and block it out. But that is all fine and dandy… For now. I will win, Ellan. Everything we own is mine to keep. Haven’t I always won in Gold Fish?


Be a doll and say hello to our beautiful daughter, Alexis, for me.

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