Pana, No Chase!

Time Stamp of Incident: 25 July 2016 between 5:44 P.M and 6:00 P.M

Where can I hide from my embarrassment? 😳 Under this sheet? Nah, I need something a little darker. Oh, I know! 💡 I’ll just turn off all the lights in the house and pretend like I’m not at home and THEN hide under the sheets.

*laughs meekly* Yeaah, was not expecting to run 🏃.

I’m, sure you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about by now. Pana, my lovely pup, took off running next door and literally chased my neighbor and her friend, all the while his tail is wagging furiously. I’m sitting on the steps of my porch, thinking: Is he for real? Did he just try to pounce on my neighbor?

Jackson immediately ran after him commanding him to sit or stay. By the time I reached them, all the way across my neighbor’s yard, Pana was sitting and my neighbor and her friend had locked themselves in their vehicle.

*palm slaps forehead* Great, now I’ll be remembered as one of THOSE neighbors who let their pet run around freely, trying to play with EVERYONE regardless if they want to or not. 😭😧😟

Geesh, what a day. Wasn’t planning on apologizing like a stammering fool, but there I was with my hand clutched on Pana’s collar. Even after all the excitement and bustle, Pana was still ready to play. When we got in the house, I gave him THE stare 💀 of disapproval. He licked 👅 my thigh then looked up at me with his tail still wagging.

Puppies… 🐾🐶💕

Pana Edit

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