*clears throat nervously* Hello?

It’s been a minute, huh? Well, I gave up on the consistency thing for a while. I have a really bad procrastination issue that I need nipped in the bug ASAP! So that’s what I’ve been working on, slowly. *Breaths out heavily* 😪

Well, that’s what I recently decided.

I missed blogging. It’s my little 🏯 sanctuary of peace 🌎 to vent and share. I love it! 💓 So, why do I keep stopping? ⛔ There is no real explanation that I can give that would make any sense expect the fact that I am super L.A.Z.Y and BIG on procrastinating, which we all are aware of by now. This is who I am, unfortunately.  I started the tedious routine after I moved back to my hometown sometime in 2011. Slowly, I started to see the consequences of my behavior over the years: losing jobs, incomplete schooling, finical burdens, self-doubt, low self-esteem, weight gain yeah the list can go on. It was just recently when it finally DONG🔔…

In thought: 😑 Hey, Self! We’re fucking up! 26 and still not sure what we want to do? Are we sure about that?

Me out loud, stammering: Well…😖😕

In thought: *shakes heads, while kids look at me crazy* Damn, shame.  😒

It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do, I was intimated by the work I HAD to do. I’m still very much lazy today, but I pace myself differently. I literally take it a day at a time, even though the knowing constantly pounds in my head😵. The knowing is always hard for me because I want to do everything at the same time. My fiancé calls it my little OSD moment because when I’m cleaning or organizing I will not stop unless I’m forced to or physically drained. I think of it as my conscious silently keeping me in line, though. It works for me and the house is always clean. So a win-win. 🎉

✒ Writing is steady, haven’t wrote a lot, though like I’d like. I picked up more hours from my job because of certain complications that prevented me from working a few weeks back. (No, I promise, I wasn’t being lazy and it didn’t go). I work from home and my internet 🌐 and work phone📱was going on the fritz. If you ever worked for a call center you know how the calls can be. Just picture your computer losing the connection to the VPN in the middle of a customer’s account or the phone hanging up on them. Yeah, frustrating nonetheless 😱😫😤.  The hours I picked up is on my off days so I’m working fourteen days straight, which is okay because I’m at home. I can wear literally anything, which I do hehe. Not to mention as soon as I’m off, I pass out, sometimes on the floor. Pana 🐼 (our rock and boxer mix puppy) usually pounces on me and gives me lots of wet kisses 🐾💋 and nibbles on my ear, making sure I wake up.

Anyhoos, if we’re not too busy with calls, I slide in a few words. I’m stuck on a chapter 📖 where one of my protagonist learns a horrible truth about the orphanage she resides. I want to introduce the characters that pushes along her story, but having a little trouble making everything flow… tsked, poor me. I’ll end the post here for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the last week of summer 🌻☀🌻 in July. Are you ready for back to school? 🏫 I am!!!


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