No, Thank You Life, You Can Keep the Bulls***

Wow, it’s almost been a month since I last posted. Geesh, the days definitely slipped through my fingers. Unfortunately, time continues even though I would it like to freeze even if only for a short period. Since, it’s been a while, I wanted to catch up… okay, rant.

A month or so ago, I expressed my feelings and opinions towards domestic violence. I even shared briefly how a close friend of mine was trapped in an abusive cycle. Well, a week or so ago she called me desperate ready to leave. Being the awesome person I am, me and my fiancé helped her move. This was a spur of the moment of thing and we were not prepared for it at all. So to accommodate, we sold a few games to help with gasoline costs and spent the afternoon and night moving her belongings to my place.

We are both in a situation where money is “tight,” so we agreed to split the bills evenly, which would have saved us both lots of green mullah 💸💰💵💸. I’m sure you’re already aware of the outcome, she bailed after a few days because the apartment she originally wanted called her with availability. Honestly, I was ecstatic even though the opportunity that could have ensure a stable foundation for the both of us slipped away. What pissed me off was that she moved HIM in too. What was the point in moving in the first place then? Ugh! 😣😧

Anywhoo…. A few days after I immediately started noticing the “transition.”

What is this transition, I speak of?

I’m glad you’re curious. Well, it’s when someone changes their lifestyle and its drastically noticeable. For instance, if a love one you’re close to starts abusing drugs. You would know something is off before they even admit. OR when you’re dating a guy/gal and it goes from I think you’re cute, you might be the one to barely getting calls or texts and now they’re all sudden “BUSY” all the time. Same thing applies.

Our relationship is definitely on the balance after this incident, I’m not as strong as I was in the beginning. And matters only worsened when she kept insisting on having HIM help her move some of belongings from my house. When I clearly mentioned on several occasions that I DID NOT🚷 want him on my property. Yet, she persisted and I gave in. The results were pretty ugly and catastrophic. He cursed and tried to fight me and when he backed off, he took his anger to my fiancé who was standing idly on the porch watching because our three-year-old daughter ran out the house. HE (the guy I despise) barged right pass her, almost knocking her off the porch to get to my fiancé who absolutely had nothing to do with the situation than to ensure that our daughter and of course me, were safe.

Oh, and that’s not all! Nope! My damn phone went out 📴. Just died on me. 📵 I guess Nokia Lumia 1020s aren’t that great after all. In fact, it doesn’t even get any more updates, which only wore down the battery and amongst other issues, I refuse to go into detail. *pulls hair and screams* AHHHH, LIFE!!!! 😭😖😭😟😫😫😭

Oh, and Jackson quit his job and my home equipment I use for work is going bonkers. Mostly, my internet. Damn thing wont stay on long enough to do anything. You know it took me three days to post this? THREE… DAYS!!! 😣😠

Yeah, life’s getting to me right now, but I’m not going to let it deter me. It’s unfortunate that everything is happening all at once, but I’m sturdy enough to pick up the pieces and walk forward. Yup, feels like my only and best option is to go onward.  I have an amazing job, a loving family, and I’m capable. Can’t really complain, right?

5 Comments on “No, Thank You Life, You Can Keep the Bulls***

  1. Yikes, girl. All hell is breaking loose. But hang in there, tho and yes you got this. I hope you called the police on dude

    • No, I did not, unfortunately. My friend was able to “pull” him back to the truck a little bit after it started. He hasn’t been back since and when he does, I will be alerting the police as soon as he steps one foot on my property.

      • I would have called the cops on that dude. Soon as he started to act up. He was feeling some type of way because everyone knew his number. That’s what that was about.

      • Its cool. I’m just glad no one was hurt. I’m sure it was an emotional time.

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