With Change Comes Progress

I try to weigh myself once a day to keep track of how much I ate the day prior.   Sometimes it gets to me if I see I’m three pounds heavier, but then I remind myself that my body weight  fluctuates regardless of how much I dread it.

Most the time I use it as fuel 🔥 and  exercise 🎽 a little harder.

Then at the end of the month, I update my fitness pal app. To see the bar drop lower the closer I get to my goal 🏁  is pretty awesome 🙆 which definitely makes up for all the other days where I wanted to give up.😇 Or chunk the scale at the nearest wall.

My last update I was steady around the 230s, maybe the 220s. Since then I changed up my routine: Cut back on surgery drinks 🍸🙈 and started drinking more water.

Starting eating more fruits 🍇🍏 and vegetables 🌽 🍅 as a snack instead of yummy 😋 M&Ms and Zours.

These little adjustments showed wonderful results. For starters, I have more energy and I don’t crave as often.  The best result of them all is how much weight I lost. My initial goal was to get to 199 by the end of the year. But since I’m at a whopping 207 🎇 I’m going to have aim higher.

I was literally shock, mouth open and eyes wide. I couldn’t believe, so I changed the batteries to make the sure thing wasn’t going out on me.

This year started out rocky, but it seems if i continue what I’m doing, it’ll end pretty awesomely 😊

Until the next post mina-san. Happy reading and writing and comfortable lifestyle. 🍃

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4 Comments on “With Change Comes Progress

  1. Wonderful news! This is such an inspiration to me as I’m going through a weight loss journey myself. I’m not as organized as you are but I’m pushing forward daily.

    • Thank you! I TRY lol It’s never constant and I’m always reverting back to old habits. Its a process that’s for sure.

      • So true the important thing is that you didn’t give up. Its said that we are to enjoy the journey as well. So, here’s to the journey.

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