Moving Along Nicely

I found a new hobby and surprisingly, I enjoy it more than I thought I would. Since my tablet’s charger was chewed and then “fixed.”

Okay.  I  ✂ it in half then tried to tape it together by the copper wires…

😌 Yeah… Lesson learned.

Handy work aside, I spend most my time now reading  📚 other works similar to my own style or the genre  I’m writing for and… The dictionary. Not the one online, I mean the paperback you can find at the nearest dollar store. What did you think I was going to say the latest edition encyclopedia?

😁 I’m teasing.

Although, reading it over myself its still kind of unbelievable. Going back when I earned my first paycheck, I always looked forward to the latest and greatest that could enhance my interests and hobbies.

One thing I can say, taking it back to the basics feels nice and helps me hone my craft as a writer. I’m starting to see the different styles of writing. Somewhat disappointing that it took me this long, I feel like I should have already learned it. But more satisfied than ever, because this is proof that I’m growing and my hard work is paying off. 👏🙌🎊

I never thought about increasing my vocabulary, but I found the more words I learn the eager I am to write.  It’s easier to read down a list versus search 🔍.
At first it felt forced and uncomfortable like a few of my  college 🏫 courses that didnt interest me… Or couldn’t understand no matter how I wanted to.

😒  ➖➕➗❌

Now I end my nights reading a few pages, highlighting words I would use in some point of my writing. The amazing part is my  highlighters. My pretty neon color highlighters.

Pretty, huh? Yeah, I know… 😁😉

I intentionally started color coding by verb, noun, and so on at first. Now, I’m engross with reading and highlighting the dictionary. It’s my new go-to-thing from a long day of taking calls. Plus, I’m learning  something new.

Fiction wise I started back reading the Game of Thrones, I’m still on the first book… I  ❤ George R.R. Martin’s imagery and his writing style. However, I’m not familiar with the time period so I tend to stop and look up the word.

Which is why Kindles and ereaders are 🙆🍬

I also downloaded an eBook, Stronger than Magic, which is pretty interesting. It’s contemporary fantasy, and although fantasy in general is my go-to, I love reading worlds not entirely set in reality.
My writing is steady. I try to write around the time the kiddos settle in for bed or early in the morning before work.
As promise, I have an excerpt from Tellus, which I realized I’ve been writing for about three years and still haven’t completed a first draft.

😲 😳📑 Lately, I remind myself constantly to only read back what I need to finish the chapter. One of the few great advice, I received as a writer. For the passage below, we follow Illane, a Mother, or caretaker in nun fashion. She was summoned by the Elder Mother, the head caretaker and management of the orphanage in which they reside.

* 📝 * Tones are children who were abandon by their human parents. They have small amount quil, or magic, and have one noticeable animal attribute like a bird’s beak, or wings, while the rest of their body is human.

The moon was rising behind the Elder through moss covered crystal framed glass. A sinister chill crept Illane’s ankles and she clutched her hand on top of the other. There was more to this meeting…
“I will say this, Illane. I have seen many unspeakable deeds fall upon this nation. The Gyrizo for starters. I hand picked thirty Tones in my lifetime and regretted each time after. We all have a cause. And I fight for mine. Unfortunately, it requires the blood of innocent.”

Illane furrowed her brow. Did she hear the Elder correctly? She picked the children for the human’s ritual?

Until the next post mina-san. Happy reading and writing and here’s to the comfortable lifestyle you desire. 🍃

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