Spring Fever

It’s been a while. Things have slowed down here at the Adair residence since school will be out for the summer next week. It’s been hectic, not going to lie. My son, Bubba, had a few appointments with a local audiologist and few other professionals. He had his right ear👂 tested and the results were positive he nearly lost his all of his hearing. We still have to take him to go for a few more tests, but the wonderful audiologist who confirmed the test with her own assessment, stated that he WILL be needing some kind of hearing aid.


He was a little worried.


He wanted to keep the stickies on. 😆

Honestly, the news made my heart flutter for all the wrong reasons 💔. I remembered all the times where he pleaded that he didn’t hear me and well, it was true. I was a little disappointed in myself after that 😓. His frustration must had been painful and upsetting. He struggled a few times in school 🏫 because no one believed him. However, things are looking better and with all these wonderful appointments, it could only get better, right?

I’m keeping fingers crossed. 🍀

It’s not only his hearing. It has been brought to my attention not only from his teacher but from my own observations that my son may have some type of autism. It’s only a speculation, though. I won’t talk more until I have a doctor’s approval stamp✔. I’ve also set up an appointment to have him evaluated for ADHD. I want to be 💯 and have no doubts. His last exam was when he was around three or four. I concluded he has ADHD based off my lineage 👪.  I want first hand proof on paper if it is so.

For an eight-year old he has a lot on his plate. He WANTS to go outside and play with the other kids 👫 in our neighborhood. But Spring 🌿 weather has us both house bound 🚫💐🔗 until our asthma and allergies feel at ease being outdoors for an extended period.

For the past week or so, after repeating HOW important it is to take his medicine💊, he has been doing so faithfully. He used to hide them and I always found out by the allergic reaction on his face and his shortness breath, which usually occurs only days after of not taking them. Now that he SEES 👀 the results, he’s a lot comfortable taking them. I understand completely where he is coming from—I hated my medicine too growing up. There was even a short period where I trained my body, believed it or not, with proper dieting 🌽🍏🍒🍇 and regular exercise🚶 to not depend on my asthma medicine. For about a year or so, I was completely asthma free. Until I popped out with little Leah 👣🚼and then everything and anything had me sneezing and wheezing.  He is doing A LOT better now for sure. I’m on him more than I am on myself about taking medicine.

Did I mention that my daughter is going on fifteen? 😲 😱 Oh, you haven’t heard? Well, her vocabulary increased and she can now make sentences that sound a little too grown coming from a three-year old. The other day, I was taking the garbage out to the curve for the weekly pickup. It was a pretty chilly ⛅ morning and I had on some skimpy shorts.

Roll the garbage barrel to the curve, come back in the house, crawl back in bed. 🏨

Simple. That was my initial plan. I didn’t factor on my half naked daughter to follow me; she was still sleeping at the time when I got up. From behind I hear her calling my name, and of course the first thought was, ummm, yeah, she’s not fully dressed. I hoped she was calling me from the door 🚪 INSIDE the house. No, she’s walking down the steps with her little hands on her hips then says, “Mom, get in the house.” In those exact words.

😳 Mind blowing, right? She has never said anything among those lines to me. It took me off guard. I simply picked her up like a ten-pound bag of potatoes 🍠, hauled over my shoulders and carried her back in the house.  I let her know it was not okay to talk to mommy like that when we were settled back in the bed. Of course, she didn’t understand why. Figures since children’s ears👂are like little magnets.  They listen INTENTLY to everything that comes out of our mouths 👅. They definitely don’t understand, but if its someone they are close to they will repeat with no hesitation. Leah heard that fine verbatim from none other than her mommy.


 I painted her nails and she wanted to painted mine. 😊💅


Do you feel the excitement brewing? Summer 🌻🍃is going to be a blast ☀✨🎇… Don’t you think?

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
James Baldwin
“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding

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