Overthinking Lately? Umm, mayb-

Maybe overthinking isn’t such a good thing. But how do you stop it when you’ve done it habitually for the past ten years or so?

Not sure, honestly. It’s something I struggle to cope. Now days, I’ve done a lot better. I tend to catch myself after a few minutes of becoming lost in my own thoughts. The stories I tell myself becomes more vivid than reality.

I can be walking, working, or even watching T.V and be instantly drawn to the blank slate in my mind.

Sounds great, maybe…

But, once I am sucked in, sometimes what I create in thought stays in thought. The motivation to pick up a pencil and pad or type it on my tablet slowly descends to zero the more engross I am mentally.

So, what to do?

Hell, I guess this is a start of another journey to find out…🙇🏼✒



One Comment on “Overthinking Lately? Umm, mayb-

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