#hw2 Hard Work Day 2

Haha. I’m laughing because life tossed a curve ball to a non-baseball player. Me.

Awesome, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Unlike before, I made it set and stone that I WILL NOT be recoiling from these obstacles. No matter how much, I fear of the overload that will come after working so hard.

With that said, my schedule for the next few months is occupied with work and all the hours I can savage. I’m not planning out anything, just a brief estimate of where should I aim.

This is it everyone. This is my first obstacle to a comfortable lifestyle. I’m nervous for my mental state because I tend to overthink and then somehow end a depression state. The first month will be rocky, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Bright side, spring is here, which means lovely blooming photographs. Leah and I have our mother and daughter walks from time to time and we make it our mission to hunt for pretties flower in the blandest of places. I actually didn’t expect to see anything but a few planted beds and a lot of weeds in our neighborhood. But, I was wrong and happy to be wrong. The little moments in life always lift my spirits because it reminds what I’m working hard for– My babies.

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