WIPpet Wednesday |First Encounter

This post was intended for Wednesday, but the editor and procrastinator inside me dueled and the editor in me triumphed. So, I spent the last two days and rewriting chapters and reading other amazing writers works. Actually, I lost my flow and confidence and withdrew in fear that my progress wasn’t exceptional for you lovely peeps. And that’s where I failed. The whole reason why I created my blog was to grow in confidence and improve my abilities as writer. I look forward to reading everyone’s suggestions and thoughts. And it excites me to see the likes when people read what I have to say.

So, I am posting what was meant to be posted on Wednesday.

WIPpet Wednesday is upon us. My posting are sporadic lately, so, I will not be joining the blog hop. But I will keep the spirit of WIPpet with me as I post solo. Thankfully, I was freed from the imprisonment of writer’s block. As promised, I present the bearings of my labor!

I’ve started, once again, writing Bloodless Pendants. During my first attempt, I set the story where the main characters didn’t meet until chapter eleven or twelve. After rereading some of the passages, I decided to rewrite chapters three and four to have them meet. Only then did their story come to life and writing since is pleasant. Right now, I’m at 13,987 words and plan to add some more after this post, (which I did not 😣… moving on).

For WIPpet math, I subtracted the day from the month to give you six freshly whipped paragraphs of AJ’s and Melia’s first encounter.


Maybe it was the combination of the medicine and nap, but AJ felt a surge of energy course through her body. She smirked, eager to introduce herself. “I’m AJ. You don’t have to hold your head down. People are idiots and will try to mess with you.” She pulled off the girl’s hood, unraveling crimson and gold strands. As before, her heart thudded hard against her chest and her fingertips tingled. Slightly out of breath, she said, “You are?”
AJ shifted away from Melia, uneased. “The exchange student.”
Melia covered her face with her hood. “Yes.”
She couldn’t explain her strange desire to be near Melia, other than a feeling of awakening from a deep slumber. An unnerving and yet nostalgic entwine sparked to life when she was around the girl. “I normally don’t do this, but I overheard that Elia was supposed to give you a tour. You can hang with me instead, for a while.”
Melia jerked her head up in surprise. “Really? Ok—No. I can’t. I’m curse. I won’t remember you tomorrow. I never do.”


I wonder what this ^^^ is all about 😊.  I’ll leave it up to  your imagination until the next excerpt, which WILL (intended more to myself), be Wednesday.

Like what you read, Great! Let me know all about it below.

Room for improvements? Even better! Drop your suggestion and feedback below, which are always greatly appreciated.

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