Moving Forward

I’ve stumbled my whole life; tripping over every other stone I laid out for myself, while focusing on the day I would walk across with grace.

The stones I laid out started off rough and jagged. I was stabbed in the foot a couple of times and a few times my journey was painfully put on hold because of the unstable path I laid.

I still have a long ways to go, but I’m more confident than I have ever been. From what I overcame, I believe I’m at the place I need to be in my life right now. I figure, maybe it was time for me to change my perspective. Instead of always planning for the future, maybe it was time to find the balance in both; present and future.

Embrace and take back from my mistakes and use what I’ve learned to build instill the foundation for the future, while enjoying the present. Honestly, reading it back now, I’m shaking my head no. But that’s what I’ve been doing. This is my pace. My momentum. Slowly and surely, yes. But I’m happier and a lot more motivated.

To all my wonderful peeps: Over come what’s in front of you, because the reward while always be twice your labor. 🙂  The only thing is, you’ll never know when or what your reward will be. Good news, it’ll surprise you every time.

Each day is a battle. But, I’ve learned that is the beauty of life.  No one’s life is perfect. Eventually someone WILL have a bad day, its our perspective and what we take back from the experience that matters.

So, let’s keep walking forward, stumbling and all, until one day we arrived at a place in our life we call comfortable.

3 Comments on “Moving Forward

  1. So very true and beautifully written. We all stumble and fall, it’s part of the journey but the most important part is getting up and learning from it.

    • Yes, ma’am. I love learning and reading inspirational writing. It helps me with my day. I hope my writing does the same for everyone that stops by. 🙂

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