Eureka! Point A, at last

How is everyone’s week going? I hope lots of productivity and happiness.

After my last post on the third, I sulked and ate and ate and ate. I fell into my old habits and after four days, yesterday, I was reminded what  I needed to do. The reminder was not pretty. I gained two pounds, I was tired, irritable. Nothing excited me, except the comfort of my bed. It started affecting my children too. From that point I knew, I had to get over whatever it was and fast.

Since yesterday, I have designed the logo for my best friend and I’s business. Wrote two life fiction shorts, which I am posting one later on today and maybe the other for WIPpet Wednesday.

I’ve figured that  I needed to come into terms with my feelings. If I’m going to sulk around, the least I could I do is be productive and put those feelings to paper. I tried to do so in the past, but the feelings were overwhelming emotional that I couldn’t find the words.  I am a little better now and can write it out.

As for my writing, I am bouncing back forth from Bloodless Pendants, Tellus and a few short stories. My fiance’s aunt challenged me to write a story about my worst fear. I have lots of fears, but I chose insects and used the most skin-crawling and disgusting insect that I knew would make me cringe. Describing them was brutal. The whole time writing, I was dry heaving and looking over my shoulders. I hate bugs, oh so much. All kinds.But fear makes for a good story, especially with your own personal touch.

To keep myself on the path I want,  and in addition to my overbearing scheduling, I’ve added a tracker to the side bar(,which took me all afternoon) . The goal is to be productive more than half of the month. I do well under pressure. So, I am challenging myself to stay productive, happy, and live life the way I want to without succumbing to fear and procrastination.

As a wise man once said, fddd6be4d2f39ec89a061dfd2397d973 (1)

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