WIPpet Insipration / Happy Thanksgiving

After reading everyone’s WIPpet’s from WIPpet Wednesday and the comments from my own. It came to my attention that I needed to read and  research more and do a lot more writing. I love writing, but I contradict myself more than I do anything. So, today on this lovely rainy Thanksgiving Day, while I’m sitting behind my desk at work, I’m going to research some reference images for Bloodless Pendants.

Maybe four or five reference images to really throw myself in the scene. I’m excited just thinking about it. After work, I plan to write more while I multitask and play the Sims 4. Not sure if it’s me, but I have to be doing two things at once or I’ll get bored fairly fast.

That’s my schedule for the rest of the day. Work. Research. Write. And oh yeah! I’ve been slacking on my exercise, but I’m managing my weight. Steady around 225-223. I want to be in the tens before next year so I’m going to have work harder. So before bed, it’s a good workout.

That’s it for me. Until the next post mina-san (everyone in Japanese), happy reading and writing.

For everyone celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving and don’t get a food hangover from eating too much turkey. 😉


6 Comments on “WIPpet Insipration / Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I love getting this kind of insight, whether into my writing, or life in general. While usually not comfortable, they seem to always lead me to growth, if I let them.

    Have fun with the research, the growing, and the celebrating! =)

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