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Why the excitement because after three days of writer’s block, I finally got some writing in. Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I’m sure we all know how it feels to be stuck and man was I. Hold on…

*knocks on wood*

Not trying to jinx myself or anything. Anywhoos. It’s WIPpet Wednesday and for once I am on time. I am loving how the day is going, by the way. For those who are wondering what WIPpet Wednesday is, it is an amazing blog hop that is shared amongst writers by posting an excerpt of your WIP (work in progress) and sharing it with others via link. Like such >>>>>>>>>>>> I am the LINK 🙂

For today’s WIPpet Wednesday we are following Melia from last week. She just asked the strangest questions nonchalantly and now is following her attendant to where her mother is supposed to be waiting. WIPpet math, I like to keep it simple so I give you the date subtracted by the month which gives you seven paragraphs from chapter one. Again, this is unedited and fresh from draft one.

Melia sprinted down a long corridor lite by torches when she spotted Laura. “There you are.” She slowed down, eying the Victorian portraits of her mother and a man she didn’t recognize that splayed the walls. She paused then walked to one of the large paintings. Running her finger down the side of the  frame, she then rubbed her thumb against it. “No dust?” The mansion was huge. In a previous life, it even could have been used for a boarding or private school. But there were only three people occupying the home now, to her knowledge, and she knew she wasn’t the one to clean the huge paintings nor her mother. Maybe Laura. There were over three dozen of them in the house, long in diameter and always polished. Laura couldn’t possibly clean them all, could she?
And who was the tall white haired man with dark eyes? Melia never met him, if she had, she’d remember him, right? She narrowed her eyes at one of the smaller photos close to her. Where was his eyes? Melia couldn’t differentiate between his pupil and iris. Both was a dark coal that blended in with the other. Wait, why couldn’t she remember anything about him? His features are definitely memorable. Leaning against the wall, she placed a hand on her forehead. Her thoughts swarmed in a bottomless sea. Twirling about in a water tornado. Melia felt a deep connection to something but a fog wall clouded her from recalling. “I don’t understand. Why can’t I remember anything?” She shook her head vigorously and closed her eyes. “Remember.”
“Are you coming or shall I have one of the servants assist you?”
Melia turned her head slowly, Laura flinched. “Yes. Sorry. I was lost in thought.” She sprinted toward the woman who stood next to a large oak door, her mouth twisted in a frown. Melia stopped a few feet from Laura, her arms dropped to the side. “What is this?” The girl stepped back. The feeling from before crept and caressed her from behind. Cold and unwelcoming.
Laura shook her softly then exhaled. “Melia, your mother wants to spend the night with you in the chamber.”
Melia strode back, tripping on her gown. “No. Something isn’t right. This isn’t right. I don’t want to go. Please don’t put me in there, Laura. Please. Mother isn’t there. She wants me in her bedroom. Please, Laura.”
Laura turned her head. “Melia, I’m sorry, but she’s waiting inside the chamber. Don’t make me call him.”

That’s it for this week WIPpet. Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing.



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