Changed My Blog Name, Have You Noticed?

Yeah, I sure did. Why? Because it’s the truth. One of the reasons why I don’t post as often is because I am afraid of boring my readers. I wouldn’t want to read repetitive and boring pieces, so I do try my best to deliver. Doesn’t always go well, however.

Anywhoo. I was debating for a while on changing things up. I’m still going to post my writing, excerpts and my favorite inspirational quote now and then, but I was thinking about adding posts about my personal opinion on life. That can range from anything, from parenting to ethics, from what is considered right to what I believe society think is right. Please keep in mind that I am not political. Nor am I very religious. I live my life simple and follow this rule of thumb, treat others the way I want to be treated. Simple as that. I don’t berate other people’s religion, actually it inspires me to learn more. In a way, I believe all religion boils down to the same essence. There’s a God and some kind of version of Satan. Although many religions are more in depth, many have the same borderline of treating people the same as you would God.

With that said, I’ll be sharing from time to time my own. It will basically be off my personal experience or things my fiancé reads off Facebook and the intense discussion that usually happens second later.

Moving on…

During my break, I dropped about ten maybe fifteen pounds. I could be underestimating or overestimating. I do remember the last post I was aiming for around two hundred and thirty pounds. Maybe? I did manage to hit two hundred and twenty-twenty and the feeling was indescribable. I felt lighter, was much more confident about being in my own skin and I had TONS of energy. My guess, its because I worked two jobs and was always on the go, plus the workout program. But, I have recently went down to one job and it consists of me sitting all day. My old ways sunk back in so I’ve gained about five six pounds in a course of a week.

Yeah, not good.

It’s a lot harder to motivate yourself when you work from home and do Everything else in front of your desk. I’ve been thinking about switching it up and going for a walk after my shifts. The good news is that I didn’t gain too much weight, but the bad news is that I am hanging around two twenty-five to two twenty-eight. Especially with the holidays approaching, I need to get a game plan and I need it fast. I do not want to waste all my hard work. If you have anything in mind, any helpful advice, comment below.


I’ve started the rewrite of the rewrite of Tellus. Yeah, I just went there. I didn’t like the style I wrote it in. I felt a lot of plot and character development was lacking. I still hadn’t passed chapter one. Just not feeling it these days. So, I did pick up another story called Bloodless Pendants. It’s a contemporary fantasy and is about two girls with similar fates. They are completely opposite of each other. Melia, the girly girl protagonist is kind at heart and doesn’t like to burden others. However, she is portrayed as the air-head type at first. *You have been warned* simply because she’s been held hostage for a long time. (that has more to do with her species 😉 *hint *hint *wink *wink and AJ is your average tomboyish girl. She has a bad temper and purposely chooses to piss people off. Around their eighteen birthdays, strange paranormal things starts happening eventually leading them down a supernatural path in which they cannot escape from.

That was a mouthful, my bads.

But if you want to check a snippet. Click here to read a passage that I posted for WIPpet Wednesday. Let me know what you guys think. Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing everyone 🙂

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