In My Head

During the fall, the wind howls through the crevice of my window. Tree branches sway up against the paneling of my house. And when night falls and the house is layered in silence, the voices in my head come alive. One by one, in soft inaudible murmurs, they fill my room until their anger becomes unbearable.

“What do you want?” I scream out in fear.

The room  drops to a dead silence and a hand places on my foot then slides  up my leg. Invisible to my sense of sight, but the lingering coldness proves its existence. I hold my breath in anticipation, my heart pounding in my throat. Waiting in silence in the black of night. Waiting until the hand reaches my face even though I am now cowering under my sheets.

Hot air breaths in my ear and the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand on end. “Go to sleep,” the voice whispers , “We have plans for you tomorrow.”

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