WIPpet Wesnesday | Bloodless Pendants

Ah, I’m late with my post for WIPpet Wednesday. Don’t beat me to bad. A lot happened yesterday in the middle of work. For the past few days, Bubba’s asthma has been uncontrollable. He missed school for the second day in the row now, and tomorrow will be his third. We have a machine and a fast acting inhaler. He also has to take pills, but I’m thinking the dosage isn’t enough to keep his breathing regulated. My poor guy, I’m hoping tomorrow’s visit with the physician will help. I would like to see them take incentive and finally comes to the terms that the current medical plan that we agreed isn’t working and a new one is in order.

*sigh* Will see how that goes in the morning. For some reason, my patience is very short. the run-arounds I usually take from them, I don’t. And we all know when there’s someone with an attitude, nothing usually gets done.

*scoffs, rolling eyes* I guess, I’ll find out tomorrow.

On to WIPpet. I have been working on a piece that I started sometime around 2013. This story is a combination of two stories that I was writing around that time. I am still writing Tellus. It’s actually coming along better than I thought. But for NaNoWriMo, I wanted something fresh. So, the excerpt that I’m posting is from my current contemporary fantasy WIP titled Bloodless Pendants. In this short snippet, we’re following the protagonist, Melia and her conversation with her attendant/guardian, Laura. For WIPpet math, I bring you eleven paragraphs from chapter one.

To join in on the WIPpet Wednesday bandwagon, post an excerpt on your blog and link it up here (probably not this week, since I am late :P) for the other WIPpeteers to gander.

“Thought you saw something strange in my room. Sometimes when it rains things get in.”
Melia skipped ahead of her, lifting her gown out of Laura’s path. “Yes. Sometimes. I never see them, though.”
“Then how would you know things get in?”
“I hear them. In the walls.” Melia spun around, her dress twirling about.
“What do you think it is?”
“I don’t know.”
Laura chuckled. “I’m sure your imagination is just getting the best of you. Let’s hurry now. We’ve taken for too long already.” Laura paced ahead, leaving Melia to stumble after her. “Besides, anything that crawled from outside is the least of your concerns. Have you forgotten where you stay?”
“No, but I get the feeling that I should. Do you ever feel that sometimes this mansion isn’t really a home? I wake up feeling abandon, many times confused.”
Laura opened her mouth to speak but the words she wanted to say didn’t make it pass her windpipe. Instead she sighed with a shrug and paced faster.
“Did I say something strange?” Melia knew it wasn’t normal for her to complain or make assumptions. However, the last few days drained her more and more. She couldn’t grasp the reasons why she was seeing the things she saw. “Laura, wait.”

My goal is to stay as active as possible with my blog. So there might be more posts coming your way. My initial objective is to update my short story, One Mind, Two Names and update everyone on my weight loss journey. (Hint, I lost a few pounds! Then gain some because of Halloween.  Curse you candy!) I wish, I could tell you more, but you know me, I’m pretty random.

Until the next post, happy reading and writing everyone!

3 Comments on “WIPpet Wesnesday | Bloodless Pendants

  1. I love how she’s so casual about it all. Things getting into the house when it rains… If it were me, I’d be freaking out. I’d probably assume vermin of some kind, but I’d be freaking out.

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  3. I agree with Regi, the casual tone with which she talks about these things getting in says a lot about Melia. Now I want to know whether she’s right about it, or if it is all in her head.

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