I’m Back!

It’s been a while everyone. A lot has happened these past few months. Some of which I cannot go into detail but others I will gladly share. Believe it or not through my extended break, I have not stopped writing. In fact, I might have improved a bit during the halt. Please don’t be upset with me too long, I had to distant myself with social media. Why?

My computer was getting repaired 😦  😥 😥


It was a struggle just to stay sane! I had my laptop handy, but even that had issues. Surfing the internet was a hassle. The pages loaded slow and many times they would become unresponsive freezing my computer. So, I ended up deciding to just step away from it all. Sometime after, my desktop completely crashed. It gave me the blue screen with the side way frowny face every time I would turn it on. Received the error critical process died. For the first time and a long time, I was out of a computer.

But, I am back now! How is everyone? Any good stories created for Halloween. How about a chilling thanksgiving story? I’ll be able to spend more time online, especially since I work for home. I plan to stop by everyone’s blog and read a few posts. Catching up and seeing how everyone has been doing.


My daughter turned three last month, but she acts like she’s six. She enjoyed her birthday as Queen Elsa and pretended to freeze her brother more than once. She was also Queen Elsa for Halloween too! Bubba, my son, was a ninja. Kind of funny seeing him zip across parking lots with his masked on. One of the ladies who were handing out candy asked him to pose and he whipped out his karate chops. It was cute. Then as everyone was heading to the next door, he busts out with kicks and spins. His little stun got him more candy than the rest of the kids behind him.

Life isn’t Fair

My son hates it when I say it, but it’s the truth. Life isn’t fair. Sometimes the guilty gets away and the innocent gets punished. Things happen that are out of our hands and all we can do is either work pass it or sulked. I learned to strive pass it. Honestly, I’ve spent a lot of time, I don’t have, sulking over something I couldn’t change. So, from here on, you’ll be seeing this phrase >>>> Life’s not fair or Life isn’t fair, a lot.

I rather be bold and honest about my feelings and passions and accept how the world currently then pretend and hope for something that normally never happens. You have to work hard for things you want most. That’s how you’ll achieve what you desire. I’m not going to let life’s unexpected hiccups bring me down.

It’s great to be back.

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