This can’t be happening to me…

I’m seriously at a cross roads. What I can I possibly do in life that would suffice financially and my own personal desires?

I can’t believe how indecisive I am about the future. I thought, I had everything laid out perfectly. I would go to school to be a designer or a writer and work in one or both fields. Now, I’m bouncing between what I love to do and what I know I can do. This is much harder than I imagine. *sigh*

For now, I’ll weigh my options and stay where I’m currently am.

How are you doing?

That question is genuine. No sarcasm attended. I hope your day and life is going steady and you’re not going through the twenty-one question game with yourself. Let me know if my ranting is becoming unbearable. I KNOW most my posts have been about my inability to decide on a career.

Bright side! This is my last year and I’ll have my bachelors in creative writing. Yay! Progress, progress without progress there is no change. I’m excited and nervous about graduating, this will be my first degree under my belt. The first. It’s kind of major for me and then again it’s a reminder that I started this journey without thinking it through.

Life twists you in the weirdest ways before you become the shape you were destined to be…

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