I Would Laugh To Cheer Myself Up, But I Might Cry Instead

via WordPress for Phone app. <<<< 😒 *tsk*. Hate posting from my phone, fyi. It’s hard to edit.

*sigh* My surface pro 3’s screen cracked. Spider webbed from the bottom corner across the screen. It’s not even noticeable unless you focus on the bunched cracks on the bottom right corner and follow it across the screen. That little bit od damaged ruin the entire function that makes it a tablet. The touch sensitivity is not responsive. The only way  to use the tablet is with a mouse and keyboard. Kind of defeats the purpose of being a tablet.
When I noticed it, I broke into tears.  I was utterly defeated. That was my new baby. Invested money I didnt have to buy it. It did everything I wanted and more! And now to replace it, I have to cough up a lung, a kidney, and over three hundred dollars. And that’s with the warranty.
Not sure if Microsoft knows, but I don’t have that kind moolah to spend so spare of the moment. It’s going to take me at least two to three months to replace it. And I will replace it, because it’s like one of my kids. I love my devices. I don’t just buy them, I own them. I take care of them. I need them for my daily living. Sounds a bit far fetch, but its the truth. I like having the ability to have everything connected and synced. I’m not the latest technology girl, but I do like shinny new things.
It sucks, but it doesn’t hurt as nearly as bad as seeing my daughter in pain. For the last couple of days, she’s had this horrible cough and now a fever that won’t break. I’ve done everything I could  think of. Gave her medicine, placed a cool towel on her forehead ( saw it many times in different anime series I’ve watched. I seriously thought it would work. It did for about a minute then Leah fussed, tossing it on the floor in defiance. I gave up.)
So, I ended up coming back to the hospital. Went last for the same symptoms, but all of us grew tired of waiting. Not sure how hospitals are everywhere else, but here, the waiting time to be seen was over an hour. And Leah is two. There was a lot of elderly people last night too. Not sure what kind of epidemic is effecting the young and elderly, but it needs to move around.
Hopefully, this visit isn’t going to be long and Leah doesn’t have anything too serious. My guess it’s a summer cold. But then again, I’m not a doctor.

Look at that face, she look so hurt and like she doesn’t want to be here. 😢 I don’t blame you, baby. Momma don’t like hospitals either. They take too long!

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