Two Steps Back

Yep, I’ve hit a wall. A hard brick one too. I’m not sure what happened, but I feel empty. Like there is something I am doing wrong in my life, not fulfilling. I thought being a writer was all I wanted to do. But it looks like I want to be a graphic designer more than a writer. I’m not quitting. Heck, no! I still love to write. I love creating worlds and seeing them come to life. It’s beautiful! Majestic!

I’m just not sure if I want to make writing my profession…

I know that life never stops. There is no pause button that I can push so that I can really sit and think.Β  I have to make these decisions while life goes on. And I have to continue toΒ move on too.

While I am thinking about my future, I’ll be building a foundation. Staying productive as much as possible. I know that I want to work as a graphic designer or a writer. So, until I truly know my answer, I’ll hone both crafts.

These two steps back means I have to work harder, push myself further and keep my head screwed on my shoulders longer. No more playing around more often than I like. This week is life changing. I just hope, I’ll be able to hold the reins and don’t fall of the path.

3 Comments on “Two Steps Back

  1. I enjoyed this blog. I too have felt like something was missing, and this normally changes depending on the day. There are so many things that we are all good at, and you don’t have to choose just the one thing. πŸ™‚

      • Good for you! Yes, I am shooting for similar goals! I find myself getting excited thinking about the opportunities that I have. I am new to blogging, but I love it so far. I want to open up my own family clinic (couple and family therapy), and even write books as well. On top of that, I love to cook…so this may be a 3rd option lol. I have to prioritze, but it’ll get done. Same for you…you dont have to pick just one, just take small steps to making each of the dreams a reality!

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