Squeaallll! My Kids Knows Mommy’s Favorite Anime!

Yes, I am super excited. Why? Well, if you haven’t caught the hint from the post title then… I’m pretty sure I can go into a littttle detail (I’m really sure I can go into detail, actually ^_^)

Okay, calm down.  *inhales deeply and then exhales*

All right, about ten minutes ago or so, my daughter; my precious two-year princess, who dabbles in Marvels and express extreme fondness of surprise eggs and play dough, surprised me with knowledge that I did not know she understood.  A mouthful, I know, but bear with me. There is a logical reason behind this.

Jackson, my permanent eye candy and Leah’s father, was on the home screen of his Xbox. Leah happened to notice something broadcasting on one of the boxes on the screen. It was a slideshow of different sales of a certain anime show. This, anime show, is THE anime show for me. I’ve been watching the series since it first aired and I was elven or twelve then.

At that moment, I was watching the end of another anime series. I saw Leah jumping up and down, waving her arms, saying “look. Look, an-ne-me” over and over in between browsing for another series to watch. Keep in mind, I don’t talk about anime much around my children. They have seen me watched a few, and have me answered a few questions that always end with a sour look on their faces. Shawne, my seven year old, one day blatantly said I was weird. I admit, it kind of stung coming from my own son, but I knew this is only one of many which I’m going to hear from him and his sister as they grow up. Plus, there are going to be plenty of time where he’s going to be the weird one. *rubs hands together with a raised eyebrow and narrowed eyes*

Basically putting without all the wired humor, my children have no interest in ANY of the shows and movies I watch. If it’s not rainbow and ponies or cars flying down the street or some kind of magical humorous experience, they are not game. None what so ever. So, it was a surprise to know that Leah remembered that her mommy likes watching anime and she knew my favorite one, Naruto Shippuden, which she pointed out with eager. Made a momma have the feels.

This is THE show! ^_^ <3

This is THE show! ^_^ ❤

It’s always a good feeling when your children does something you wouldn’t even fathom that they would do or know. In those moments, I’m uber (that means extremely) happy, I literally get the hugs, squeeze them really tight. Sometimes I look down and see them smiling and I’ll hug them even more. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

I’m so glad I could share that. Woo!

Hmmm, I’m wondering, now. Once my children get into that “teen phase” would all the hugs go away?

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