Hi. Hello. It’s Me, Sam!

Haven’t posted in a while. It’s going to be that way, probably until the end of the year. Why? Because I am officially a senior now more time is spent honing my writing and prepping my portfolio. I never put two and two and wonder why I was swamped and it hit me a couple of weeks ago… I’m behind. I’m nowhere where I need to be to walk alone in the world without the shelter of school. I’ll actually be doing everything on my own. No one’s going to call me if I don’t show up for class, they’ll just fire my ass. It’s really sad to figure out that I haven’t been taking my writing as seriously as I should. I’m not a failure, but if I continue heading down the road I am, I will be. Write, write, and keep writing. Learn as much as I can and hopefully by graduation I will honed enough to land an entry level position. That is the reasonable goal I set for myself.

On the other news, my best friend and I have set a scheduled vacation for the end of the month to Oklahoma City. Just the two of us, hanging out being silly and whatever crazy nonsense we can think of. I know, contradicting what I said earlier. This is one of the reasons why I need to push so hard, so the rewards will be actually fruitful.  For me, something has to happen or come up for me to be so determine. I’m not sure why, but I become highly motivated with crunched time. Something that always bugged me since I was a child, but always provided to be one of my strong suits. Lately I have learned to manage my time, but from time to time I slip and this happens.   I’m excited about the trip, Oklahoma City has some interesting sightseeing that I have been looking forward to. In particular, the botanical gardens. That is just one of the many planned mini trips for me and family. The rest of the year is going to be crazy hectic fun, I can feel it.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”
― Abraham Lincoln

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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10 Comments on “Hi. Hello. It’s Me, Sam!

      • You will never be as good as you strive to be, but that’s only because when you reach the mark you want more. This is the true recipe for success. You have that drive which will tend to make others look up to you for the creatively driven person you are.

        Never stop!

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