What Picks Me Up…

Office supplies, especially ones with words like write, writer, or anything in that category. I’m in love with office supplies. My fiancé has to stir me away from the aisle because he knows I will try to buy something, even if I have a dozen of the same item. I’m not sure if you heard this saying:

To stop one addiction, pick up another.

It could be only circling within my family or I’ve heard it once somewhere and liked it so much that I imagined that it was some kind of traditional phrase used often in my family. It could definitely be the latter. What I do know, is that whenever I’m feeling particularly down and unmotivated, I go out and buy some, which I have done. Today. Okay, about ten minutes ago.

Aren’t they pretty. ^_^

Edited in Lumia Selfie

The colors!

It says write and such. Hehe ^_^

It says write and such. Hehe ^_^

I’m not sure if it’s a writer thing; the need to horde office supplies or my own crazy impulse I created after ditching my old habit of overeating. Either way its a win-win. By the way, that is Farmville you see in the background. Another addiction I picked up not to long. 🙂

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