Round Two: A Journey On It’s Own

Hey guys! 🙋 Posting from my local gym, planet fitness. I’m not sure if you have heard of them, but they are really great when it comes to critics or awkwardness. You go in, do your workout, and feel good about coming. There’s no group of body builders eyeing you down or anything, which is why I like coming.

For some of you, I guess you are wondering why I’m posting about exercising. Well, much like my writing journey, I’m also on a journey to become healthier. As of right now I weigh about two hundred and fifty-six pounds. I have two children and I’m a sit-at-home mom, which means most of the time I’m sitting. The weight didnt happen overnight, of course, but it did pour on without much thought. Originally I weighed around two hundred and ninety pounds when I first started this journey. My goal is to be around one hundred and fifty, ten pounds lighter then my high school weigh. Eating healthy and exercising has always been my struggle. I rather write or play video games then pick up a weigh or go for a walk any day. Especially now since the temperatures has been around the high eighties to nineties and it’s not even summer yet.

I started this journey because it’s not good being disgusted in myself. I’m not saying being big is a problem. But its my problem because I’m not feeling good about being in my skin. No one should feel that way about themselves. At the same time the only person to solve those inner issues is yourself. Taking the easy way out might lead to more issues then doing the traditional method. I think it makes you feel better about your progress, because you did it. You worked hard to become the person you are today. That’s the type of feeling I want. I want to feel like I have accomplished something. That I earned this body I’m in. The feeling of gaining self-worth never felt better when you have done it for, yourself.

This is probably my third or fourth time starting over. I’m telling you it’s a battle. No matter how hard, I’m not giving up. Once I throw in that white flag that’s it. I’ve given up on myself and the goals I set. And we all know I don’t give up. Procrastinate, maybe. But I do not give up.

Me and my best friend, just finished a circuit workout and on to the treadmills!

Here’s to a fresh start at an old gig. This is me and my bestie, trying to tone and lose these extra pounds! 😄😊

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